Ritzy (iridescentfox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another plush group auction!

Absol and Torkoal are the only two I want. Any one else interested in the others? :D I'd like the minimum bid on each of the remaining plush to start at at least $5 each. I'm planning on going in $15 for Torkoal and $30 or more for Absol depending on how high the auction goes and bids for the other plush and whatnot. Auction states that the plush are in excellent condition and from a smoke-free home. ^^

Final shipping will be from the US, or if you're in the UK and don't mind waiting I can ship from within the UK, too.
Bidding will end 15th of October at 8pm EST (-5GMT).
Please bid as a reply to the comment above you in at least $1 increments.
PayPal ONLY. Sorry.

Current Bids
Absol: Claimed
Torkoal: Claimed

Rayquaza: $25 - zachary_sparkle
Buizel: $5 - No bids
Bulbasaur: $5 - emurii
Charmander: $5 - No bids
Nidorina: $5 - iammyworld
Pikachu: $5 - No bids
Tags: group auction
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