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♥ Crescent Moon Bakery Customs/Pumpkaboo Plush Auction ♥

Auction 4

♥ So I love Halloween so much I had to do another special auction inspired by it. I thought why not Pumpkaboo plushies? So I made a Pumpkaboo and Shiny Pumpkaboo plush! Look under the cut for more details. ♥

♥ TOS ♥

♥ I received sales permission on 7/7/10 from Lineaalba. You can see my feedback here:
♥ All community rules apply.
♥ I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after I give you your final total.
♥ I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have poor feedback.
♥ I'm not open for trades at this time.
♥ I work a full time job so the only day I can ship is on Saturday.
Shipping to the US costs $6.oo. Shipping internationally depends on the country, but can range $12.oo to $2o.oo. I ship each figurine in a small box, which is then inserted into a bubble mailer. This is the firmest and safest way that I have experienced when it comes to shipping, however figurines are still fragile and I can't be held responsible for any damage or lost items once the package leaves my hands. If you have a more comfortable way for your item being shipped then I am all ears!
♥ My figures are all handcrafted with Sculpey III clay and small details are painted on with acrylic paint. After they are baked I then glaze them with Sculpey brand glaze.
♥ Figures size depends on what you order. Here's a size reference:
photo 5(1)
♥ This auction has ended.

♥ Pumpkaboo & Shiny Pumpkaboo ♥

Auction 4-1Auction 4-2

♥ These little guys are made of felt and their curls can be slightly posed. They stand at 7in tall and 5in wide. They're mouths are glitter glue and eyes are felt. They'll both be starting at $10.

Customs 3

♥ I'm also opening 3 custom slots! Look under the cut for more info! ♥
Cresent Moon Bakery
♥ Custom Slots ♥

♥ I'm opening 3 slots. First come, first serve! Can't think of what dessert you might want? Look at the menu below for ideas. Prices range between $8.oo and $2o.oo depending on detail. Don't be afraid to ask me questions and for quotes! And I can sculpt trainers. ♥


♥ Every dessert is made with love. ♥


♥ Slots ♥
♥ Slots Closed ♥

latias_latios_7 Flaaffy Blueberry Pie
technicolorcage Cowboy Pikachu Chocolate Stars Pokepuff
latias_latios_7 Mareep Kiwi Tart
latias_latios_7 Crocanow Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream

violet_rare Tyranitar Macaroon

♥ Happy Halloween!
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