KhaleesiPatata (kwingette) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll Bootie Check!

Hello again everyone! Just wondering if anyone could help me identify whether this Japanese Piplup Pokedoll is a bootleg or the real deal? I know Piplup has a tonne of bootlegs out there, and no two Piplups I've seen on Google have looked the same to me. Pictures and info can be found underneath the cut!

I'll start by saying I bought him off an eBay seller for just 7 bucks, but the seller was not from Hong Kong or China. He was flattened into a brown envelope which might have contributed to his wide, flat head shape.
He also came smelling like Honey Stars...has anyone on here ever had that breakfast cereal?? It was delicious.

Besides the ridiculously cheap price, the only things that made me doubt its authenticity were:

1) His tush tag - The writing is faded, smaller, and further away from the stitching. And were the Sinnoh starters released in 2008 or 2006?

Here is a comparison to the tushie on my legit Budew Pokedoll:
IMG_0504 - Copy

2) His beak is a little oddly skewed to one side, and his toes aren't all that defined (don't know if that's normal)

Here are some of his other angles:

He's soft and squishy, and I love him <3 But any help or similar pictures of your own Piplups would be much appreciated!!
Thanks all!
Tags: piplup, pokedoll
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