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Sales Update, Auctions, and Metal Collection Figures Reminder!

Hello all! I'd like to open by posting a reminder about both my shop an the Metal Figure Claims - I should be going for the metal figures in about a week or two, so be ready to pay relatively soon! The orders for my shop go out next week!

Now, today I come with auctions for dice and the Dydo drink cans! Check them out below the cut!

 photo CAM01475_zps073ccefa.jpg photo CAM01474_zps39559d68.jpg photo CAM01473_zps2351664d.jpg
 photo CAM01465_zps551e3bd9.jpg photo CAM01466_zps3ced0426.jpg

Alright, auction rules and things!

  • The auction ends on October 11th at 11 AM JST. Here's a handy dandy clock for you to use: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20141011T11&p0=248
  • I will post o reminders!
  • There will be a few different starting prices depending on what you're bidding on. Pay attention to the threads I make.
  • All of my sales information and credentials are on Storenvy, but for the sake of time I got sales permission in 2008 from lineaalba.
  • IF YOU WIN A CAN, please specify whether or not you would like the liquid drained from it or not (unless you bid on Gogoat, which has already been drained).
  • Shipping for the cans FILLED will be about $13~ EMS to most places. DRAINED cans will be around $5~ via Air Mail (And the same price for EMS).

Here, have some pictures:

***NOTE: All cans are still filled with liquid, EXCEPT Gogoat, which has already been drained.

Die #1: Female Meowstic, Fennekin, Mega Gengar, Barbaracle, Mega Mewtwo Y, and Linoone
Die #2: Mega Charizard Y, Hawlucha, Wgglytuff, Diggersby, Mega Aerodactyl, and Mega Mawile
Die #3: Mega Mewtwo X, Binacle, Bidoof, Froakie, Mega Aggron, and Male Meowstic

Alright guys, wait just a little bit for me to put up the threads, then you can go for it!

Thanks again!! :D
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