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What does Hawlucha do after a tiring day? + Small sales with some rare Diancie movie goods & other!

Hello there guys!
I have been pretty busy, since university classes have started again for us, but collecting goes on! I wanted to post some tiny sales before my collection update :D

Before we begin with the sales, I wanted to share something small of one merch I was able to achieve (I will show more in the collection update later):

What does Hawlucha do after a tiring day?
(and no, I can't read Japanese well)

....go to bed! I think this speaks to many of us....

And of course, I come to you with some sales from the Pokemon Center and some very lovely goods from the Diancie movie!

I have some adorable drawstring bags, dog tags, adorable clearfiles and others!
Please read the ruels before you decide to buy!

- Please provide your country so I can determine the shipping cost.
- When sending the money to me, please include in the Paypal note what you are buying and your LJ username.
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail, but I will do my best to pack them carefully. I always use newly bought bubble mailers!
- I accept Paypal only. No echecks please.
- Once you know the final price, it must be sent to my Paypal within 24 hours.
- I do ship internationally.
- I ship from the Slovak Republic, always by First class/Priority. You can ask me for Registered mail as well. I normally ship as fast as I can. When I ship items out, I always write a message and leave feedback as well!
- This sales post is HUGE, that's why I ask you to be patient please when it comes to shipping! It might take me from a few days to 3 weeks to ship your items out!
- If it might happen that a package gets returned to me, I will let you know and you have to pay me half the payment for shipping again. This means no backing out on the item/s, just because it got returned to me.
- Shipping will depend from the country you are from.
- I come from a smoke-free environment. I do have a dog at home, but he never touches my things, because they simply do not interest him.
- I can hold something for you for the next 24 hours, but if you do not respond to me after that, I will put it back on sale.
- Backing out of a sale means you will get negative feedback!!
- Please no haggling at this time. If you think my prices are too high, do tell me please. I always try to sell or auction items off for a reasonable price.
- I have the right to refuse anyone, if I have a reason for it (such as negative feedback).
- I have gotten sales permission by dakajojo in the beginning of March 2011 and my feedback can be found here and also here!

To the sales!

Super adorable A4 sized Pikachu clearfiles! Each is 8$!

Original 151 Pokemon A4 sized clearfile! 9$!

Adorable tiny card folder! 5$!

Pikachu tretta - 1$
Diacie movie dog tag (2x) - each is 4$!

Diacie movie small drawstring bags! Each is 6$!
SOLD: left one

Adorable zipper pouch - 9$ SOLD!

Diancie movie pencils! Each is 2$, or buy all three for 5$! One sold!

Mini clearfiles! Each is 5$! SOLD!

Adorable mini clearfile! 7$!

Meitetsu raffle stickers! These are really HUGE stickers! Each is 5$, and I have 2x of the Klefki one!
SOLD: Diancie one

That is all, thank you so much! <3
Tags: absol, bisharp, bunnelby, chesnaught, chespin, darkrai, dedenne, delphox, diancie, fennekin, fletchling, froakie, greninja, hawlucha, hydreigon, klefki, noibat, pancham, pikachu, reshiram, tyrunt, victini, xerneas, yveltal, zekrom
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