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There may come a day for moderator applications...

AND TODAY IS THAT DAY. As many have kindly mentioned, not-so-kindly mentioned, and kept to themselves even though they were probably thinking it, we are in need of more moderators for the community. With more than half our staff undergoing huge life-changes at once, in a couple of situations requiring a community hiatus altogether, the workload has definitely gotten overwhelming! With a full staff the time-demand is much smaller for everyone, so let's hop to it!

The application is the same provided by Gin a couple of years ago - since I barely have the time to fix what is broken, I am sure not in a position to fix what isn't! (self-deprecating humor? no? too early? anyway....)


These moderator applications are for general moderators who will be asked to handle general community tasks and problems. Especially sticky or confusing situations should always be referred to the owner (Gin), especially in the case a ban might be needed (rare) or a serious comm infraction is required. However, mods must be on hand at all times to help members sort out other various problems and keep the community clean and safe from potential scammers (something that requires member cooperation as well). ALL moderators must also, of course, handle general mundane tasks -- deleting posts that are off topic, monitoring any rude or dramatic behaviour, or helping members to follow the basic rules of the community or keep up with proper tagging, etc etc.

This community has strict "Do not be a jerk" rules as our top priority above all else. Because many matters deal with money they are often handled privately, but when drama does erupt publicly it can erupt in a very big way, and people have to be able to trust us to settle it in a way that satisfies most people involved. At the end of the day, we move half a million dollars every year through this community -- drama, hurt feelings, anger and scams will happen.

When things go wrong, mods will be put on trial. You must exchange some freedom for the power to command or punish that being a moderator ensues. If you cannot handle criticism, of the misplaced OR constructive type, do not apply.

TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION... Send the following stuff to pkmnmods (at) gmail.com with the subject being about the moderator position. We will reply to let you know we got your mail. If we don't reply -- we didn't get it! We will also check the spam inbox just to be sure.

Please keep in mind none of these have a right or wrong answer. Even if you think it might be an automatic no -- for example the question below asking if you "prefer lurking to active posting" -- it is not the case. We just want to get a basic feel for how you like to operate on the internet and communities as a whole. Please answer honestly, with links if possible, when applicable!


◎1. YOURSELF: Write for me your LJ name, the nickname you most prefer to go by, how long you have been a member, and what country you live in!

◎2. YOUR HOBBY: From what age have you collected as a hobby (for example: age 3 with MLP and care beas for myself)? How long have you been a fan of Pokemon? Do you see yourself continuing to enjoy this hobby long term - beyond your 20's?

◎3. YOUR CREDENTIALS: Have you ever moderated or administrated/owned a community before? Whether yes or no, how many other communities do you actively participate in, and for how long? Do you prefer to lurk or post multiple times a day (if these places are forums)?

◎4. THE COMMUNITY: What do you think is the biggest problem we face here at PKMNcollectors? What do you think can be done to improve member's experiences here? Give me all of your ideas!


Train A leaves Hiun City at 8:00 a.m., traveling at 55 mph toward Nimbasa City. Train B leaves Nimbasa City at the same time, heading toward Hiun City at 35 mph. If the distance between.... we're kidding.

●Buyer A requests item from sales post. Buyer B, who commented first, edits their comment after Buyer A's comment to request the same item. Seller sells item to Buyer B seeing their comment is first, despite the edit being second. What do you do?

●Buyer A feels they were overcharged shipping/their item was damaged due to improper packaging/the seller made some mistake. They leave a negative feedback -- contacting the seller. What do you do?

●A GA lost an auction despite the auction ending at less than the GA raised. What do we do?

●A member comes to you; they have a problem with another moderator who they felt was rude or handled a situation improperly or unfairly. They are too afraid to go to the moderator directly. What do you do?

●A member includes detailed descriptions of family problems, medical maladies or sensitive personal issues in their post. They are obviously having a very hard time and are very sad/upset. What would you say to them?

●Many different members have scolded Member A for a the same mistake multiple times in the same post. What would you say to them?

●A GA Host's claim for items in a GA is being disputed by other members (whether in the GA itself - not allowed - or in the Problems Reporting post - allowed). This can be for them claiming too many items, or claiming them for too low a price. What do you do about this?

●Please write your own community scenario different from all the above and your response/solution for it!


Again, send the above to pkmnmods (at) gmail.com, and you should get a reply shortly that we received it. We will not be replying again to say yes or no, we will just post the final outcome to the community. If you don't get the job, please understand many people will apply and this will be discussed by many mods and members together before we pick somebody.

We'd like to get some new mods settled by mid-November, so please try to have your application in by November 1st. Just let us know if you think you'll be late but still wish to apply.

I appreciate everyone who goes through the work to fill this out, and hope that even if you are not picked, you will continue to speak up about your ideas and use them to help improve the community for everyone!
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