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TCG Sales, Halloween Want, and I Want To See Your Collections! (✿◠‿◠)

✿Another post from Meg so soon? Where did all this spare time come from? Being out of work sick for the past week has it's perks i suppose! I've had so much time to organize my cards, boop around online, and curl up on the couch and watch anime between naps. c: (Speaking of which; i just got CrunchyRoll so if you have any anime suggestions for me to watch; please suggest them! :D)✿

First up, i have added the cards i would like to sell to my sales post! I priced them based on the little rarity symbol at the bottom right of each card(The circle diamond or star) as was suggested to me to do. So if you feel that something is wrong, send me a pm about it. I have only recently started getting into the card game rather than just collecting them to look at the pictures. I only have recent cards up for sale since i feel like no one is really interested in the older cards anymore. Also i will hopefully be adding plush and figures to the sales later this weekend or next week when i get a scale! :D
Follow Potato Pika to see the sales!

Next up is my Halloween Want! (。◝‿◜。)
I have been trying to hold back from starting a Pumpkaboo collection, but the Halloween spirit has broken through and taken over. I would really like to have this DX Pumpkaboo Banpresto plush! I saw them selling a while back for around 15$, so i'd like to not have to pay more than 20$ before shipping for one. I would be able to send payment tomorrow after my paycheck goes through. Here is a photo from Amazon which is currently out of stock:

Lastly! I am thinking about beginning collections of the following Pokemon slowly! I would like to see what kinds of plush there are of each of these, so if you collect any of them, show me pictures! I want to see what there is!
*Galvantula Line
*Manectric Line
*Swampert Line
*Aurorus Line
*Pumpkaboo Line
*Meowstic Line
*Mamoswine Line

Thank you all for looking! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
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