jakscabin (jakscabin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Post & My Holy Grail

Hey guys, I'm new to the group & just wanted to say hey! I have some poke merch coming in from japan in the next few weeks so I'll upload some pics shortly showcasing my small (but growing) collection. I'm trying to create an Ash Ketchum tomy figure collection :) My second thing is my want list, well there's actually only one figure I'm having a real tough time finding. It's the tomy 2" shiny noctowl. I know these are crazy rare & never sold out of Japan I think but I've been looking for 3 months & would really like one as noctowl is my fave poke, if anyone has one they're not too attached too & would prefer a decent sum of money then please shoot me a message! I am willing to pay high. It'll go to a good home, promise :)

Tags: hoothoot, noctowl
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