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Rare Mirror Auction Reminder and Graily Gets Post! More Muchul Couture!!

Hello fellow Poke-Collectors! It's me again, How is everyone doing? Today I'm bringing a reminder for my super rare Mirror Auction ends tomorrow in almost 24hrs! I've also got hundreds of stickers left over at my rare Amada & Etc. Sales! Preview pic is below along with a link:

Additionally I want to show off some stuff I recently got through Noppin including one of my HOLY GRAILS and some super amazing, super rare Muchul Couture items!!! Check below the cut for the awesome pictures!~

Movie Promotional figures, Chocoball figures (Shedinja is for my boyfriend), and new clear Kids! I FINALLY got my hands on a clear Cloyster after losing bids on 4 other ones! >:D

POGS! :D Lots of different ones too, the Jynx with the rainbow background is my fave (obviously). I also really love the Item pogs, they're really nostalgic for me; the Clefairy doll, S.S. Anne Ticket, and the Silph Scope are my faves. :3

Leafeon Retsuden Stamp! This guy is actually pretty rare and I got him for a really low price with his original packing. Super awesome!
Smoochum Key cover! Kinda surprised I found this one, its in perfect condition and even in it's original packaging! Apparently she lights up but you have to remove the tab on the right.
Super rare Amada pack with Jynx sticker on the front! This pack in in perfect condition and even has Jynxie on the front, I bought over 36 of these packs (thats why I have so many for sale) and this was the only one with her on the front. I will never open this pack because I want to keep in its original condition.
AHAHAHA! I finally got this postcard! I think this was one of the first things I put up as a "want" when I first joined and I finally got my hands on one and for only 1 JPY! >:D Just in time for Halloween too.~

So a long time ago I made a post showing off my Muchul Couture Photobook and I was so gobsmacked that I had even got my hands on one piece of Muchul Couture. But now ladies and gentleman I own 8 pieces of Muchul Couture! Someone was selling lots of different pieces on Noppin and I freaked the hell out! I won all of it and now Smoochum has wrecked my bank account! XD Anyway here is my Smoochum haul:

Muchul Couture make-up bag!
Muchul Couture heart pouch!
Muchul Couture handbag! (If I was a girl I would totally use this thing everywhere!!!)
Muchul Couture standing mirror! (I love the front of this one!)
Muchul Couture hand towel! (Really soft!)
Muchul Couture mini mirror & comb keychain!
Muchul Couture mini mirror & brush keychain!

And now here is a group photo of everything (including the photo book):
Look at all of these beautiful things! So I've pretty much found the majority of the largest pieces of Muchul Couture, now I'm on the look out for the much smaller pieces like the nail polish and the brooch!~


ITS THE MINI JYNX MIRROR!!! Holy cow have I been hunting this gorgeous lady down! XD I finally found one on Noppin in a set with more of the mirrors (most of which are up for auction) ad I absolutely made sure I was NOT going to lose her! >:D She's even more beautiful in person and I'm so thrilled to finally have one in my collection!

That's it for today! I hope you liked everything I had to show you all! :D
Also! Anybody who has bought anything from my recent sales post or will be buying from my sales post; I will be sending out everybody's things next week at some point! I was attempting to send them out this week but I had some unexpected events that prohibited me from doing so. I am going to try and send them out on Wednesday of next week and I will send out emails to everyone letting you all know your packages have been shipped! Thank you!~
Until next time! <3
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