Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Wanted: Mountain of Eevee

Hi folks, I am in search of the giant Eevee Play By Play plush - it is about 36 or more inches tall when fully stuffed. They are often filled with foam so are saggy, so I have no exact height.

I would like to pay $50-100 for one before shipping, based on past sales and ebay prices I've seen. Please tell me if this is lowballing.

I am in the UK but if you can't ship to the UK, I do have friends in the USA that you can ship to and they will middleman to me.

Here is a pic from Google Images:

Any eBay links or sales of this you find, please PM to me rather than post as a reply. :) I am asleep a lot of the time you guys are awake so would likely miss out on shared links.
Tags: eevee, plush, wanted, wants
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