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Error cards and Gets!!!

I feel like im being over active on this site but fadkhfldskfhladjkghasd i get so many new shiny things.... my mum says i have a problem D:


Anyways... i was digging through my card folders and re-ordering somethings and found some of my error cards!! Thought some of you might like to see them :D or even share your own. I love Errors and misprints!!


Only ones that arent errors of some kind is Kyurem and the middle sharpedo is there to compare the two....although the error one is that weird holo stuff that they used for that series which was like raised and bumpy and smooth in some parts and stuff!!!! hes really cool!!

can you guess which one is my favorite tho?!

And some of todays gets :D :D


Excluding Larvitar and petit Ampharos!! Today i got the tyranitar next quest and they accidentally sent me two :O in seperate boxes.. but im not complaining... then the Monster Collection figure, whos box was crushed in transit so i opened him, and will be looking for one MIB, I gots a mareep figure aswell and then some DIGIMON!!!! because i adore gabumon.

Alsoooo i am dying for more tyranitar line stuff!! Promo stuff, flat stuff, figures, plush... anything adn everything... so if you have or know someone with some... i am always happy to throw money at you for them :D
Tags: ampharos, flaaffy, kingdra, kyurem, larvitar, mareep, minccino, pupitar, rapidash, sharpedo, tyranitar, vulpix
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