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Raichu collection!

It's been quite a while since I posted anything other than sales here, so I thought I'd do a quick reintroduction ;3
Hello! My name is Ruth! I live in Saitama, Japan, but I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland. My main collection is raichu, with side collections of Manectric and (occasionally) Dedenne.
I've only taken pictures of my Rai's because most of my Manectrics and some of my Dedennes are in Ireland. Basically my collection is divided between Ireland and Japan, and I haven't got a permanent home yet, so it will probably stay that way for the time being. I'm going to visit my family in December, so I'll try to take some pictures of my side collections then.

These are my guys in Dublin. I think some things are actually missing from this picture, but I cant remember what...

And these are my Saitama buddies! My collection has DOUBLED in my time here! :DDD

Here are some flats. I have more in my parents' home.

I'm still looking for a bunch of items (metal figures, the giant Tomy raichu, the raichu Pokemon Time tin...), but I have to say I'm pretty proud of how my collection has grown! :D

Anyway, thanks for looking <3
If you're interested, I'm auctioning some plush over HERE
Tags: collection, dedenne, manectric, raichu
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