lucianthinus (lucianthinus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello everybody! Long time to chat!!

I return! I have been away from here for a while just catching up on life and the such and forgetting to come update several of my online accounts to say hello, terrible of me. I hope everyone is well! I have missed hanging out on here :) I have gotten a few new things added to my collection in the time I've been away and am looking at adding several more things in the coming weeks! Particularly of the ghost type persuasion ;D ( and some dragons too) I've picked up naturally the love for Mega Shiny Gengar back when my bf got a shiny and stuck the mega stone on it to see what happened. Naturally now with the mega gengar shiny event going on it just further fuels the fire if you will. I'm also going to be looking for the following:
and Mega Charizard X !
this is just the ones I'll be acquiring that I can think of off the top of my head right at the moment. So if you have things of them you might be hearing from me in the next couple months as I slowly acquire things to keep under my "pokemon budget" haha xD

I did want to ask though, is anyone on here going to be setting up an account on the Clectaverse? I got my invite and code today and started my account. When I got there I noticed there was no Pokemon collection group so I made one! So if you sign up on there you can find me there and add your things to the Pokemon "Clect" page I set up over there. I've already had a few people commenting about how they didn't even think to put their pokemon stuff up on there yet! Goodness me xD

In much more pokemon centric news, The biggest haul I had so far this year came while I was at Dragon*Con in ATL this past labor day weekend, I will make a post with pictures about the plush I picked up while there very soon. I just wanted to pop in and say hello again. Until next post! 
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