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Some spooky wants

Since it's October, and that means a) my birthday and b) Halloween, and c)I've gotten sniped on every single auction I've bid on this month (I'm starting to think that someone's stalking me) I thought I'd work a bit on one of my more neglected collections: Gengar...well, and one or two other things.

Pictures pulled from Google Images; if they're yours and you'd like credit or for me to take them down, let me know.


Banpresto Halloween Plush. Tag would be nice, but isn't necessary.

Pokemon Time Plush. MWT would be nice; don't really mind slightly damaged tags (crushed corners, that sort of thing). Willing to pay up to $50 shipped--I don't really know what's fair, as the only references I have for this guy are eBay, and as far as I can tell, it's overpriced up there.

Not a Gengar:

Banpresto Halloween Espeon and Umbreon. I'd like the tags on these, simply because there are so many booties wandering around.

Finally, a thrilling conclusion to my Pokemon Center saga involving a lost order. As it turns out, PokemonCenter.com doesn't have a replacement policy. After a little over a month and contacting them 3 times, I finally got a profuse apology and a refund. Apparently they contract out their customer service, and the company dropped the ball in getting it to the appropriate department (no kidding). I'm still thinking about ordering a replacement, given my experience.
Tags: banpresto, espeon, gengar, plush, umbreon, wants
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