Nymphali (roussil) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Pokemon food items !

Hello everyone !

Today, while searching on the japanese pokemon website, where all the merch is announced, I found some interesting upcoming food-related merch ! I know some people here collect food-related merch, and if you don't, these are really worth looking !

First, these ! I'm lucky nobody's at home but me right now, because I went crazy when I saw them !

• The Pikachu can is a chocolate-flavored drink. The cans will feature 6 different poses for Pikachu. Already available.

• The Pikachu bottle is a multivitamin fruit drink. It will be available on the third of November !

• The Pikachu and Sylveon bottle is a Vitamin-C filled apple drink ! It will be available on the third of November, too. ( I'm so happy about this bottle ! I hope some will be sold on the Internet ! )

Next !

The new ramen packages. They feature Mega Evolutions and Starters.

And last :

This month's Poke Pan. Featuring Pancham ( White chocolate ) Luxio ( Pizza-something ) and the two Meowstick. (?)

Do you like these items ? Thanks for reading !
Tags: pikachu, sylveon
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