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TCG weeding sales - rare stuff/ex etc - also final clear out!

Hi all! I come to you today with some "new" TCG sales. All of the cards below the cut are from my collection or ones I recently picked up doubles of, so there's some pretty sweet finds in there.

I also still have a lot of items left on my main sales page HERE!

But here's an important bit.. I *have* to clear some of this TCG bulk. Chances are if it isn't gone in the next couple of weeks I'm just gonna throw it all out. With this in mind, EVERYTHING that isn't holo/reverse holo etc is subject to open offers. Make a giant list, make an offer. Under 30 cards will be $4 flat rate shipping, 30-50 cards $6 and if you pick more than that we'll figure it out. I need this gone! If there's something you want, now is the time because it'll be gone. If there's something specific you want, ask! I don't have my sales ctrl+f friendly as there's just too many but if you're after certain mons just ask.

For all orders, please link the photo and specify the cards as I don't know the different series well at all. Completely open to all haggling!

- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 18 Jan 2014
- You can find my feedback here
- Contacting me via PM unless requested Is Not Okay. Same goes for editing/deleting comments or changing your mind after committing. If you're suddenly having issues, let me know. I'm a reasonable person :)
- If you ask for a quote, please commit within 48 hours or the item will be passed to the next buyer.
- I have a kittycat. He doesn't touch my 'monz, he knows better, but that does mean that pet hair and allergens are in my house so if you're strongly allergic it's likely better to not purchase anything here, sorry!
- Items come from a smoke free home.
- I may consider trades for specific TCG I'm looking for, or Dragonite/Leafeon/canvas line plushies.

- Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees.
- Paypal only.
- Haggling is fine! But please don't be offended if we can't come to an agreement.
- Payment expected within 24hours of committing unless we've agreed otherwise.
- I will hold for 48 hours on request. If you'd like me to hold for longer, just ask! If it's going to be for more than 3 days or so then ideally I'd like a small deposit to hold the item. I get that payday and finding the shiny you want don't always line up :)
- Prices do not include fees and shipping unless otherwise stated.

- I will ship internationally, from Ireland. Shipping starts at $4 (conversions, urgh) even for cards but that'll cover up to about 15 cards.
- I can be a slow shipper. Potentially anything from 2 days to a week or so. I don't have direct access to a car and the post office is a pain to get to, so I rely on husband to do it for me.
- I always ship in a bubble mailer, even for cards. It's much safer!
- I am not responsible for the item after it leaves my paws at the post office.

All holos = $3 each except for: Dragonair & Eevee $4 each

All holos = $3 each except for: Kyurem EX - $5
Sneasel is a bit creased

Machamp holos = $3. Reverse holos = $1.50 each except for: Tangela - Free. He's a mess.

Reverse holos = $1.50 each except for Deoxys - $2

Reverse holos = $1.50 each

Reverse holos = $1.50 each

The following cards are all $0.25 each unless specified otherwise:

Espeon $1, Espeon SP $3

Raichu $1

Deoxys and Lati - $0.50

Suiccine $0.50

And I also have this TCG coin

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