eeveefreakashie (eeveefreakashie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey everyone! on here every once in awhile but wedding and moving has had me tied up! I finally got a stamp for my invites ^_^ yayy! I went with pikachu (snice that seems to be the only one his whole family and my familys knows haha)
But My fiancee and i finally moved into our house! and I have a room to myself to make cosplay and other crafts i do
anyways i did this beautiful thing on Wednesday! our rooms upstairs is like a log cabin and they had shelves build in!

[Clicky here to see!]10384918_10204221094121933_8419975874027269147_n

I'm in love with it! but now i feel i need more eevee plushies! XD

anyways for the time being my hunt for pokemon stuff right now is the BK pokeballs i wanted to get 13 of them for our tables at our wedding so far i have 9. Also looking to get the original 151 old pokemon tomy figures! C:

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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