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Introduction and the arrival of something incredible!

Hey there everyone, I'm Alex! I've been a member for a little over a month now, some of you may have seen me making purchases or bidding on GAs :)

I've grown up with Pokemon and had a small collection develop during my childhood and since I've become an adult I've significantly increased my collection. My major love is of plushes, though I do also enjoy collecting figures, especially kids figures and zukans, so you'll probably see me trying to increase those collections!

Now onto what arrived this morning:


Look at all the pikabags! Under the cut is pretty picture heavy!

The first bag had a couple of little things inside, a Masterball filled with candy + a Fletchling stamp and a Victini kid!


Next up is the boss of the weather trio, Rayquaza - He's really well designed and the fact he's posable is brilliant!


Next came Groudon, he's super soft, I know a lot of people aren't big fans of the felt, but I'm totally a fan of this plush, his tail is really rad!


Then came my favourite of the trio, the one legendary pokemon I'd been dreaming of owning a plush of and I can't believe they're remaking Gen 3, it was a dream come true, I honestly can't wait to catch myself Kyogre when Alpha Sapphire comes out!


Then out popped Furret from the Pokemon Time promo, you just can't not be happy with this plush, look at that happy face!


Mega Evolution time with Ampharos, one of my favourite pokemon of all time, Ampharos is the pokemon I kept with me during my journey in Pokemon Y and then mega-evolved when I got his stone.


And last, but definitely not least, keeping October spooky is Mega Gengar! As tempted as I was to get the shiny version, I just think Gengars original purple looks badass, especially in his mega form!


So here's all my new gets in one picture and then underneath is my entire plush collection (excluding a giant meowth which is at my parents house - and also the various things I have on its way to me, the collection never stops growing!)



I hope you all enjoyed seeing these, I definitely enjoyed opening them this morning! Thanks for reading, and also thanks to the community members who have helped with my collections expansion this past month :)
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