Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: Flareon and Leafeon Jakks figures, also Sales!

Hello! I am looking for the Flareon(found!) and Leafeon Jakks figures. I'd like to pick them up for $20-30 ish. They must be in good to new condition. The amount I'm willing to pay will depend on the condition. If anyone is selling please let me know! I have a Glaceon Jakks I can use for trade that is in good used condition.

Also, I added a bunch of Jakks figures to my sales post:

As well as I have included a deal for my items on ebay. I want them gone, so if you purchase one of these through my sales post you can take 10% off the price, since that's what I would lose to eBay anyway. All other rules in my sales post will still apply. Here's a preview of what's on eBay the link is in my sales post:

Thanks much friends!
Tags: figures, omanyte, sales, vulpix
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