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Out of the hospital and got lots to show! Grail achievement + the best gift + a couple of wants. :D

Hey guys! Wazzup!
So I've been in the hospital for 2 weeks (And now I swear I have like no muscles, even though I kinda had none before that anyway x_x) and a whooooole bunch of stuff I bought from the community over the past few weeks all piled up into one epic day of unwrapping when I got home! :D Also, figured it was time to stop being lazy and get around to actually showing you guys the epic grail achievement I had mentioned several times but never actually made an official post for. ^^


So when I first started collecting pokemon plushies, I was only into the Jakks Pacific plush at the time (whereas now I also collect Canvas and Japanese minky pokedolls), and one of the first pokemon plush I got was the Spring Deerling, which my mum had given me. But to my dismay I discovered sometime later that Jakks Pacific had stopped making plushies, and the newest Deerling (Winter) was suddenly really hard to find, and I spent MONTHS scouring the net for one, horrified at the thought that I would have one missing from the Deerling set, particularly since I have massive OCD. It was like my Minun Canvas epic quest of epicness all over again except for the fact that I knew that there just weren't huge numbers of the guy (well at least it didn't seem like there were huge numbers, I could be wrong). However, after several desperate posts on the community, the wonderful brittanylischka came to my rescue. However two months passed and Deerling was still a no-show! The poor dear (pun not included) took the scenic route in the mail and got me all stressed out. But she arrived in the end and that's all that mattered (and much celebrating was to be had!)

A family reunited. ;D

So yeah, that was my epic grail news. As for my other gets, I got to catch up on sooo many parcels when I got home from the hospital, it was like Christmas morning. :D


(In addition here's some pics of some back-logged gets that I was too lazy to take pics of til now. :3)
Sentret is a custom by the talented caffwin and ever since the little munchkin arrived (the same day as my Reshiram pokedoll) he's had a permanent place on top of Reshiram's head. He likes to think of himself as a dragon rider. :3

Also, got the best story for you guys. A while back, me and a friend bought a custom Umbreon and Espeon pair (which the community had dubbed with the names Onion Rings and Fries, and are nicknames that we keep to this day) made by the wonderful pannsie, where I kept Onion Rings and my friend kept Fries. Our plan was to let the pair meet up whenever we hung out at each other's houses for 'play dates' so they wouldn't miss each other. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I'd just been in hospital for the last 2 weeks with horrible illness of horribleness (though I did get to enjoy a blackout, a security breach and three separate fire drills - hospitals always seem to get interesting whenever I'm in them!), and my friend decided to send me a gift to make me feel better. When I opened the plastic bag, who did I discover but Fries! I was completely blown away, especially because I knew how much he loved Fries when she arrived, and that just made the gift even more special. <3

And lastly, I have a couple of wants! (If any of these pictures are yours and you want me to take them down, please don't hesitate to ask! >.<)
I am looking for:
a Serperior Japanese Pokedoll (Priority want)

a Oshawott Japanese Pokedoll :D

a Cyndaquil minky Pokedoll (I believe this is the anniversary cyndaquil. I don't mind if it's American or Japanese, just as long as it's minky :) )

a Jakks Swinub Plush :D :D :D

a Jakks Mamoswine Plush

a Palkia Japanese Pokedoll

a Poliwhirl Japanese Pokedoll

a Cubchoo Japanese Pokedoll

a Drilbur Japanese Pokedoll

If you have any of these guys and are willing to part with them, please shoot me an offer! (Especially Serperior. I need her in my liiiife!) <3 Shipping would be to 2052 Australia.

And yeah, that's about it! Hope you enjoyed reading!
Ciao for now!
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