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Offers Reminder for DX Mew Pokedolls | Shipping Updates | Game Events Giveaway

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to put up a reminder of offers for my two DX Mew Pokedolls. Please click the picture to see the post. Also, there are still things up for sale as well and postage is much cheaper than it was with Aus Post.

To everyone who bought from me before though, your packages were returned back to me earlier this week (I really should find another Post Office to drop the parcels at). I have resent it though and hopefully this will be the last time. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

And finally, to celebrate the release of ORAS, I am once again going to be hosting a game events giveaway, although this time I will be taking a few slots at a time. This is where you can choose any events from past generations that you would like to have in your game. I am playing a little loose with the word 'any' though, as there are some events that are either too rare for me to give out, or I just don't have access to them. I am not doing any XY generation events as cloning them is much harder for me. However, if you had previously expressed interest in a Pokeball Vivillon from months back (I'm very sorry for not getting to everyone yet), I will somehow find time to get one to you. If you would like to know which other events I can obtain for you, look under the events titled 'Generation IV' and 'Generation V' on this page. Please note that these are all cloned! You will not receive anything unique unless you want something like the Year of the Dragon events with your name as the OT, which you will have to give me something good for in return as that means starting a new game and such.

Please click here to find out what time I will be available to trade in your time. I am available between 7-11pm on weekdays (excluding this coming Monday) and after 1pm on weekends. If you can only do it in the morning (my time), let me know and I will try to arrange something with you.

So, if you would like to make requests, please fill out the following form:

- Event Pokemon requests:
- Total quantity:
- Available times:
- Friend Code (not necessary if on the FC exchange list already):
- I agree that to the best of my knowledge, I will not give Chain a hacked Pokemon. I understand that in doing so, I will be banned from all future giveaways and potentially any sales I post up. (Please respond with a yes or no.)

The last part about the sales is just if you purposely played me, and I would be left uncomfortable enough to not want to do any sort of business with you. I do not mind if you send me junk Pokemon, but please make sure that it is not hacked. One way you can be sure of this is if you obtained the Pokemon yourself rather than one you got from a trade. I want to keep my game as hacked-free as possible as I have heard cases where some hacked Pokemon has caused the game data to be corrupted.

Below is a list of some of the most popular events.

GameStop Winter Legendary Dogs (Shiny)

Nagoya Magikarp - comes with move Hydro Pump

10th Anniversary Mew

VGC Shiny Milotic

VGC 2013 Ray's Shiny Metagross

Summer Shiny Creation Trio

Movie Shiny Genesect - comes with moves ExtremeSpeed, Blaze Kick, Shift Gear, and Techno Blast.

Tohoku Victini - Comes with moves: V-Create, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, and Glaciate.

Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza

Year of the Dragon Collection - All are shiny.

Korean VGC 2012 Shiny Volcarona

01. shiningmew - Movie Genesect, Victini (English), Nobunaga's Rayquaza, Manaphy (English).
02. latias_latios_7 - Nobunaga's Rayquaza, Mew, Victini, Summer Giratina, VGC Milotic, YotD (Swablu, Trapinch, Bagon).
03. kirstingent - Mew.
04. lillyann123 - Winter Shiny Dogs (2 of each), Ray's Metagross.
05. nysaurus - Nobunaga's Rayquaza, YotD (Bagon, Druddigon, Deino, Trapinch), Nagoya Magikarp, Winter Shiny Dogs, Summer Creation Trio.
06. coiffwaff - Movie Keldeo, Movie Genesect, VGC Milotic.
07. selwylde - Mew, YotD (Bagon, Swablu), Spring Meloetta.
08. dezi_kitsune - Nagoya Magikarp, VGC Milotic, Summer Dialga and Giratina, Nobunaga's Rayquaza, Mew.
09. polahbear - Nobunaga's Rayquaza, VGC Milotic, Mew, YotD (Trapinch, Bagon). YotD Bagon to have own OT.
10. miniokami - Winter Shiny Dogs, Nagoya Magikarp, Mew, VGC Milotic, Nobunaga's Rayquaza.

Hope you're as excited as I am with ORAS on the way!
Btw, if anybody has Super Smash for 3DS, I have it so let me know if you want to battle. I warn you now though, I found out that I can still kick ass with Fox, Sonic, and Meta Knight :P Also, if we do a battle royale, and you suck me up and kill both of us using Kirby, I will be targeting you mainly.
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