Tommy Pappas (kenai3000) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tommy Pappas

Toys R Us Gets + Sales Plug

I went to Toys R Us last night and they had the latest set of Tomy figures & plush. The stuff I saw were

2 packs:

Gengar VS Spritzee
Pikachu VS Vivillon
Dedenne VS Glaceon
Inkay VS Leafeon
Bunnelby VS Marril
Litleo VS Emolga

Along with a leftover Noivern VS Jolteon

4 packs:

Mega Blaziken, Female Meowstic, Pikachu (different pose than the 2 pack) & Amaura (I bought this one)
Mega Lucario, Dedenne, Male Pyroar & Houndoom
Mega Mewtwo X, Riolu, Female Pyroar & Tyrunt
Mega Mewtwo Y, Male Meowstic, Pangoro & Kirlia

Along with leftovers of

Mewtwo, Litleo, Wobbuffet & Umbreon


Blastoise, Fletchling, Flabebe & Manectric (x2)


Litleo (I bought this one)
Pikachu (Waving)

Along with Fennekin, 2 Froakie & the XY base Pikachu.

Along with that there were tons of Ash & Pikachu 2 packs, Kalos starter 3 packs, Gogoat Clip & Carry Poke Balls & Trainer's choice items.

Kirlia seekers you might want to seek out the Mega Mewtwo Y 4 pack as it will be cheaper than importing from Japan using deputy services.

Here is a picture of my gets:

I will be selling my extra Mega Blaziken & Amaura figures. Mega Blaziken will be $5 + Shipping & fees while Amaura will be $2 + shipping with fees. They can be combined with my last offer of my Extras of Mega Mewtwo Y (Again $5), Male Meowstic & Pangoro ($2 each) & anything else in my sales post here
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