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Sales! :) Also sorry for long time no post!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in forever. I have a lot of updates to do! But also I've been tyring to not come on here too much because I can be a little loose with my wallet xD! Anywho I have some sales I wanted ot show you guys to help fund some cool stuff coming out for ORAS so check it out :D

Also anything can be combined with these sales over here!

-I ship from the U.S. to anywhere
-I typically ship next day
-My prices do not include shipping!
-I accept haggling
-I also am not accepting trades at this time :)
-Happy buying <3
-please note that international shipping for non flats starts at 6$, if that is too much please don't ask, I've been losing money because I feel bad and give heavy discounts for shipping :(
- ALSO if someone claims to be committed to an item while you are just inquiring they get rights to the item.

I got sales permission from Allinia on March 15 2013

 photo salesandbarbies001_zps3bc3578a.jpg

Feenekin Chocoball figures x2 3$
Chespin Chocball Figure 3$
Froakie Chocoball figure 3$
Xernea Chocoball figure 2$
Yveltal chocoball figure 2$
Pancham Chocoball figure 3$

 photo salesioes001_zps36f4b497.jpg

Cyndaquill jakks 10$
Fennekin MPC 8$
Espeon Canvas 70$
Shinx toy factory plush 8$
Ampharos Banpresto 15$
Buneary Banpresto 6$
Flabebe Pokemon center plush 10$

 photo salesioes002_zpsac89ee18.jpg

Eevee kid figure 5$
Eevee strap 4$
Eevee rumble U figures 5$
Torchic Rumble U figure 3$
Silver Cyndaquil Gacha figure 7$
Fenekin candy figure 3$
Fennekin screen cleaner strap 4$
Fennekin figure strap 3$
Silver metal figure meowth 6$
Mewtwo Y figure 2$
Bunnelby Sleeping figure 4$
Froakie zukan 8$

 photo salesioes003_zpsc6225ca8.jpg

All pins are 1$ or 3 for 2$

 photo salesioes004_zps0b9d1b8f.jpg

Fennekin bronze figure 6$

 photo salesioes006_zpsc1aff068.jpg

Mcdonalds toys 1$ each or take all of them for 4$

 photo salesioes007_zps9079f059.jpg

Pokemon socks 4$ a pair

Pokemon tissues 2$ each

Eraser with dedenne pikachu and meowstic 2$

Pikachu bottle holder 2$

By the way happy month of halloween! October is my favorite month :D
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