Lilly (lillyann123) wrote in pkmncollectors,

questions about potential wants

Ok, so I have a couple of questions. I plan on getting the petit pikachu plush/keychain, special delivery pikachu, and the spooky party pikachu from, but before I do, I wanna know more about them.

What materials are the made of? minky or velboa? I pretty much hate buying the new plush if it's velboa, but if it's cute enough I'll get it.
I heard some pretty bad things about the pkmncenter website, so if you bought from here plz tell the ups/downs you had with them!
also, what the difference between the japan vs the american releases of my 3 wants?

on the side note, I got my kelfki keyring from poketopiatoys, and it was fantastic! It came with a starter bag too!!! I <3 it so much, and I use it every day!!!
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