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Hawlucha collection update + Korean cards disappointment...

I got a few, but really nice, addition to my favorite Pokémon's collection!!

Oops clearfile! The front has Pikachu. I highly recommend this file because the gorgeous art is big enough and it features all the Pokémon in the promotion!

Finally completed my bromides set! These are all the ones that feature Hawlucha, and I can't get over how sparkly they are!!

Coloring book! It has FIVE pages that feature Hawlucha!

I'm tempted to scan these and color them myself XD

A gorgeous cookie box! The cookies weren't that great (although my brother loves them XD) but the box itself is so cute! I will probably use the Pikachu clip for other bags of cookies once these have been all eaten.

I also got the Korean Mega Lucario fighting box...

All for this card! I could have bought it on its own, but I wanted to try out my luck at the 10 booster packs that were included.

... I got horrible pulls though D: The only other card I was really happy to get was a Blaziken. I didn't get a single Hawlucha card!

Does anyone have a regular (non EX) Hawlucha Korean card? Also considering getting more Hawlucha cards in other languages. I only have the three Japanese ones, and now this Korean one.

Also, if anyone is interested in the Lucario box, or the other cards I pulled, please let me know. I forgot to take good photos but the box looks like this:

$_12 (1)
$_12 (2)

Included were card dividers featuring normal and mega Lucario, Shauna and Tierno cards, a few energy cards, the Hawlucha EX that I kept, and ten booster packs with really awful pulls XD It didn't even include a nice poster like the Japanese version did :(
But if anyone wants to buy or trade for my box, please let me know. It might be a nice addition to your collection to store flats specially if you like Lucario!

And now a question for fellow American members that have access to pokemoncenter.com: how much is shipping for a charm set from the site to someone in the States? I really want to order the USA version of the Hawlucha charm, but I'll have to have it sent to a friend in the States, and if shipping is already killer it might not really be worth it x_x

Finally, usual want list plug:

Ps. have anyone else's Oops plushies stopped squeaking after a few times of squeezing them? My Hawlucha is broken already, and I swear I didn't spend hours making it squeak, just gave it the occasional squeeze D:
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