Lucinda Connelly (theevilpotato) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lucinda Connelly

Small re-intro & taking offers on some of my collection!

Hey all! So many new members won't know who I am because i've taken a very long gap from the community, I still lurk often (in the shadows*creeper face*) but to give a summary: I'm Lucy! I'm 22, i'm a student designer & i've been a member for roughly 5+ years... who really knows? it's been a long time. I collect mostly water/electric types and have always had a crazy love for them since I was small. My largest focus is plusle & minun, I grew an accidental collection then fell in love with the pair and that's why i'm here today, I need funds to fuel my electric bunnies since i'm guessing we're going to see alot more of them again thanks to the ruby/sapphire remake. Anywho!

(sorry terrible late night lazy photo, there's even more under the cut that isn't pictured here)


*Sales permission granted by dakadojo many many moons ago (Years, can't remembers when sorry)
*My feedback:
*I ship from England, UK
*Most small parcels to the USA start at $6.50, depending on size & weight & if you need tracking it will be more. Please be mindful before asking for a quote.
*I try to ship out within 1-3 days
*If you're worried about your parcel getting lost, please ask for tracking! I can't cover the costs if the parcel gets lost
*Please be considerate of the time zone differences, I may not reply straight away but I will at the first chance I get
*Be good to one another
*I own cats - they don't touch my things as a rule but I do handle them so if you have allergies please let me know to be super careful whilst packaging!

Now on to the things! I'm taking offers on all of these items, so please keep in mind that this isn't an auction and I can end the offers at any time so please be prepared to pay right away.

Slowpoke pokedoll - $40  Hydreigon charms - $13

Subway/leaders charm set $15    Ingo/emmet 3D charms (sorry not selling separately) - $20

OOAK giratina super shiny keychain (Pictures don't do it justice, it's like a mirror!) $40

Magikarp strap $15   Large oshawott tomy plush $15

Skitty tails charm vanity case $60    Litwick - slight barely there mark on back (pictured) $50

Water type tin $30  - I'm not sure what this smudge mark is at the top? You can see it under certain light so I'm pressuming it came that way as i've had it sat on my shelf away from bright lights.

Giratina pokedoll - $30 Lazychu charm - $12

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