violet_rare (violet_rare) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Sooo!!! I have had this little guy for as long as i remember and he has always been side by side with my hasbro pika....
Im curious as to where he is from/if he is a bootleg as i have never seen one before. Specially not with such adorable litle eyes!!!!

So if anyone knows where he is from!!


His tag dates back to 1998 and says nintendo, made of nylex has tm and ® nintendo, made in china ans thays it.
He is missing his little tail unfortunately, but the pull tab on his butt makes him grumble like my larvitar..but healthier sounding...has akeyring coming out of his head...but his eyes...his eyes are just so damn cute.

So if anyone knows who or what he is id love to know!!

And im still looking for my wants guys!!!after in this order:
-Tyranitar line
-Ampharos line
-Dragonite line
-and im developing a thing for whimsicott...and hydreigon line!!

Plan on doing a huge spending load next thursday!!! So if you have any you want gone let me know!!
Tags: ampharos, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, flaaffy, larvitar, mareep, pikachu, pupitar, raichu, tyranitar, whimsicott
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