Derby J. (kadabraluci) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Derby J.

Updated Abra Line Collection + Free Stuff?

So, after a year of having my abra line cluttered onto a shelf I moved them onto a nice display. It looks much more organized now!
If anyone has an Abra collection going on that needs a piece from my collection, message me and we can probably work out a trade. Helping someone complete a collection would be awesome!

 photo IMG_06461.jpg
Yay! Abras!
You can see some of my Charlie Chaplin reels too.

 photo IMG_06471.jpg
Not sure what happened to my wall, but they stickers I had up(still in their plastic wrapping) ruined the paint. Very very odd. D:

I'm burdened with too much poke'mon. I'm retiring my main collections except for my abra line and getting rid of everything else. I'm having great difficulty selling everything.
If anyone has a large and successful collection going on that would like some goodies from the golden times of poke'mon, I have plenty to give. All I'd really ask is that you pay shipping.

Still, this is up for debate on how this would play out.

Suggestions anyone? :D
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