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Clearance Sales, 2001 Christmas Mug - Interesting Collection Update

I really need to get rid of some stuff, so I'm slashing prices all around. This stuff is well below retail, and a great bargain for you! I also have a rare Christmas 2001 Pokemon Center mug for sale!


(*) I'm a slow shipper. Between work and life, it can take between 1-2 weeks to get things out. I usually mail things on a Friday.
(*) Sales permission granted in 2009 by linealba
(*) Feedback can be found: Feeback here
(*) Shipping prices are usually $3.50 for figures, $5 for plush in the US. For international, it's $8 for figures and $10 for plush. Please don't ask for a quote unless you're ordering something that you think is wildly different from these prices above. I don't charge any additional fees.

Christmas 2001 Pokemon Center Mug - $20

It goes with the plate shown below, but I do not have the plate for sale.

(Only the plush listed below are available)

Tufty Pichu with Leaf - $20
Meowstic Male and Female Plush (Pokemon Center Standard Size, original release) - $10 each
Flareon Pokeon Center Plush (standing) - $10
Flareon Sitting plush (in the back) - $10
Wobbuffet Jacks Plush (talking) - $10

Charmander Pokedoll NWT (not my image) - $10

Squirtle Pokedoll NWT (not my image) - $10

Rare Slowpoke Grabby Figure - $10

Ghost/Psychic Type Items

Memo Pad - $10
Rubber Keychains - $5 each
Glasses/mobile phone bag - $5
Mini Cloth - $8
Heal Ball - $3

2014-02-19 13.26.25

Type Focus Bag - $15

Espurr Wanted! Bag NWT (Large Two-Way Tote. Not my image) - $30

2014-02-19 13.24.57

Pokemon Time Cloth/Lunch Mat - $25

Espeon/Umbreon Promo Mini Bag (2009, NWT) - $30

And just because I always post it:

Vulpix Trading Items

And to make this post a little more interesting, I have a few Vulpix collection updates, including a very interesting item.

I saw this cute little box/art kit with Vulpix on it, so of course I had to bid and get it. It is a little stencil kit!

It comes with some stationary, and a punch of stencils. It has a little spongy tool that you roll in the color, and then you roll it over the stencils. Clearly someone used it on the Lugia!

Most of the other stencils aren't used, or even punched out! I punched on the Vulpix one and the Raichu one, but I didn't try them out, haha. It's a cute little kit! I really like the case ... it's too bad it can't be used for storing other things. But I was still happy to find this unique little item.

I also managed to get both Brock sets new in package. I'm not really a stickler for NIP or anything (since I like to take things out anyway) but I came across them, so why not? I took the gym badge set out of the packet since there was a big price sticker on it, but I kept the packet just because. :P

This elusive little coin purse! I found a big lot of them on Mbok, and I just hoped that Vulpix was on the one that I thought she should be. She was!

Lastly, in order to comply with my new desire to get at least the clearfiles for all art that features Vulpix, I picked up the adventure goods, Little Tales, Fire Type, and a Christmas (forget the year) design. I also have one of the Pokemon Dharma folders coming, since Vulpix is randomly featured there, as well.

Thanks for looking! ^_^

And lastly! I would really love to find the clearfile from this 2001 Pokemon Center promo with Arcanine and Houndoom and Lugia. Does anyone have it for sale? :o I can't find an image of the clearfile ... but this is the stationary from the promo. Any pictures or info would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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