Wendy/みどり (ichigo_pinkchan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Nice to meet you! New to the community :)

Hi all! My name's Wendy, and I was encouraged to join the community after meeting Gin and Sarah at the grand re-opening of the Pokemon Center in Yokohama today :D

I've been collecting Jigglypuff - my favorite Pokemon - since fifth grade (I'm now a junior in college). In recent years it's been harder to find new and interesting things, and haven't been motivated to add much to it as of late, but now that I'm here maybe I'll give it a shot :) I have between 187 and 195 different Jigglypuff items from all around the world. I'm extremely proud of it!


Here they are! Well...most of them, anyway. The white card binder holds a variety of Jigglypuff cards (TCG and other), the four shirts stacked under the round backpack, the small stickers, earrings, and jewelry in the sandwich container...and I just couldn't fit the inflatable chair or the umbrella in the picture! But, that is how they are on display in my bedroom :)

My crown jewels include the three items on the top shelf (1/1 scale plush, beach ball, Japanese backpack), the Christmas UFO plush on the second shelf (the one with the blue eyes - I chased that thing for YEARS!), the mug on the third shelf, and the Karaoke microphone (also on the third shelf). Oh, and the little tissue holder on the bottom-most shelf...but that's just a silly personal thing :)

I wish I could provide better pictures of each of the individual shelves...but alas! My collection is in America...I'm in Japan ^_^; I literally took this picture the night before I left, but what can you do?? I suppose you're looking at 10 years of collecting there...

I have a few clumps of other random Pokemon things on display, too!


My favorite trainer is Tracey :) I have the Topps Orange Island card of him, but I forgot to put it on the shelf >_< I like Marill, too, and the Mew thing just...happened o_O; I have no clue why. Also, I ADORE the second movie...so that's why those figurines are up there. Err, it seems that Articuno and Moltres are having a bit of a dispute ^_^;

Again, apologies for the weird angle - I really shouldn't rush pictures, especially when I won't be in the same country as the shelf for nearly a year.

Regarding collecting philosophies and feedback as a buyer/seller/trader...

In addition to Jigglypuff, I collect My Little Ponies. I believe that toys are meant to be played with and enjoyed, so I'm not always concerned about whether something is MIP or MINT MINT MINT. Sometimes just having the object is enough for me :) I am a bit more selective about my Jigglypuff, though - usually if I get it MIP, it stays that way (with a few rare exceptions from earlier on and the cell phone strap I can't get enough of).

I'm semi-active in the My Little Pony community, and have a good feedback record as a buyer, seller, and trader on the My Little Pony Trading Post (http://www.mlptp.net) under the same username as here. I also have a feedback rating of 100% as a buyer on eBay (username: dotraceysketchit).

I suppose I have one more semi-interesting thing relating to myself and Pokemon...I was featured in the Fall 2005 Pokemon Fan magazine for a silly cosplay I did of May at Anime Boston ^_^;


The article is not 100% accurate, and I look dead because it was Day 3 of the con (and I was wearing a Misty costume that was much better the day before)...but I'm not complaining :3

So, that's that!! Nice to meet you all :)
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