peppermmints (peppermmints) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tiny figure wants :)

hi again everyone :) once again I'm back with updated wants! Having recently moved into a smaller place, I've been forced to reconsider my collection and focus on smaller things. So today I'm after minicots and those adorable tiny fuzzy figures (I don't know what their proper name is!)


Pictures of my current collection under the cut :)

For minicots all as I have so far are Typhlosion, Groundon and Latios. These 3 were massive grails for me so I'm really pleased to have them in my collection!

I'm looking for any of the other minicots, the only thing limiting my decision is price. I'm hoping not to spend more than $10 per minicot depending on which they are, which I know cuts out the rarer ones for now.

Honestly, I'm not even sure of the proper name for these lovelies, let alone how many there are. All as I know is that I can't resist them and I want more! As with the minicots, the only limit is price, so nothing super expensive please! Otherwise, offer away

Finally I'm still looking for slowpoke and magikarp pokedolls (I keep losing the auctions!) I'd prefer to buy from a comm member where possible, and I'd prefer them to be TTO. But these are lower importance than the figures.

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