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2nd Year Anniversary Post!

Well, actually I missed it by several days... ^_^; It's actually on the 11th, I think? Last year I thought it was on the 9th but then this year I checked and it said the 11th... I was planning on posting on the 10th just to hit in the middle, but I had papers due. Four days isn't that bad, right?

This is actually going to get a little interesting, cause about half of my collection is here, and the other half is at home, but I have pictures of everything! Almost everything. If you want to see my flats and things, I'll link you to my last collection post.

Two years ago, this was my collection:

Shelf 1! I've decorated for Halloween, so that's a spider with an LED tea candle. From left to right we've got: Thor the HQ Raichu; Urado the custom walky style Gengar (made by vulpes_canis) Crowley the "I <3 Gothic" Gengar; Puddin' the custom Gastly (made by vulpes_canis) Loki the Banpresto UFO Gengar; Cas the Umbreon pokedoll (US Version) Sammy the custom Pikachu (made by vulpes_canis) Pumpkin the "I <3 Pikachu" keychain plush, Dean the Pokemon Time Ponyta; Kitty the custom 1:1 Caterpie (made by vulpes_canis) Finnick the Fennekin Pokedoll; Peeta the Chespin pokedoll; Katniss the Growlithe canvas

The only Pokemon on shelf 2 live ontop of my DVD player: Pip the Helioptile Pokedoll, and Winnie and Pooh Bear the twin "Little Tales" plush (just got these a few weeks ago in a GA!)

Shelf 3! I've put everyone in with my books, I think it makes it look cuter. From left to right: Ayako the Vulpix canvas; Yasu the Raichu Pokedoll; Gumdrop the Friends Poliwag; Mai the "I <3 Eevee" keychain plush; Masako the Flareon Pokedoll (US Version) Kitty the Friends Caterpie; Chikai the Espurr WANTED Pokepuff plush; Jinki the custom simplified Growlithe (made by vulpes_canis) and Kris the custom simplified Charmander (made by vulpes_canis)
Last shelf! Takigawa the HQ Pikachu usually lives on my bed, but it's rather messy right now so I put him on the shelf for the picture, and then Rosie the HQ Eevee and Daisy the DX laying Pikachu

And then, my Pokemon Polly Pocket playsets go on my desk. I play with them all the time (usually when I'm supposed to be writing essays...)

That's it for my stuff at school! At home I've got:

Oh no, I cut off some faces! From left to right: Smile the Banpresto Pikachu; Chika the Jaaks Chikorita; Kitty the bootleg Mew Pokedoll; Natalie the VERY old custom Eevee (vulpes_canis) Misuki the Yawarakai Squirtle; Margaret the Tomy Flareon; Violet the Fuzzy Tomy Eevee; Partridge the Tomy Pikachu; Javert the Hasbro Poliwhirl; Ayami the "I <3 Eevee" Flareon (regular size) and Joseph the Hasbro Pikachu (I bought him for a church musical but they didn't know what to do with him afterward)

Lots of customs! Tulip the Vulpix Egg plush; Kriket the custom Beedrill (made by vulpes_canis) Pipsqueak the custom Dedenne (made by vulpes_canis) Don the custom Ryhorn (made by vulpes_canis) Cornelius the custom Rapidash (made by vulpes_canis, also this is NOT his best angle by a long shot, I should have checked that!) and Basil the custom button-jointed Ratatta (made by Xzeeko)

Figure/misc shelf part 1!

Part 2! My dogs knocked over some and I didn't notice that some of the kids are still askew until after I had left -_-

Part 3!

Those are all the non-flats, and I have more, but I didn't take pictures. If you want to see them, I'll happily link you to my collection video!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd: reintroduction!

Hi! My name is Ink, and that's not my real name (although that would be pretty. I've had people ask before ^_^) but it's what I go by online. I'm a proud Christian and a student at the A&M campus in Galveston! I'm a maritime studies major, and a SENIOR!!! I am absolutely delighted to say that now. I'm 21 and I'll be 22 in late November! (On Black Friday... happy birthday to me, I get death in the form of shopping. At least I get to be home, though!)
As far as non-Pokemon things (impossible, I know) I wear lolita fashion (my wardrobe is a mixture of sweet and classic, if you're familiar with the fashion) and I like all manner of cute things. I like a bunch of different Sanrio characters, although quite a few things in my room are Hello Kitty because she's the easiest to find here in the US. But I have a bunch of tiny little collections that are just cute things where I've gone "wait, there's MORE OF THEM???" I like anime, although I'm not as into it as I used to be. I still like what I've liked before, I'm just very behind on watching anything new. Ghost Hunt is my favorite, though! As far as live-action shows, I like Supernatural (I'm NOT caught up!) Criminal Minds, and Sleepy Hollow, and I'm working on watching "It's Okay, That's Love" and "Hotel King" which are both Korean dramas. Within the past two years I've gotten into k-pop very heavily! The ones I listen to the most are VIXX, B.A.P, EXO, SHINee, Girl's Day, f(x), JJCC, and Red Velvet! Outside of k-pop I listen to a lot of random things (mostly pop and country music, though I'm not very current on either of those) musicals, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Steam Powered Giraffe! As far as hobbies, I bake, and I'm getting pretty decent at cake/cupcake decorating! I write as well, and I'm actually working on an original novel! I read a ton, both manga and novels, sew, draw, and knit.

Phew! Well, I think that's me in a little more than a nutshell. Long enough, I think!
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