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I got a Very Important Grail in the mail this weekend!

Here it is!  The pokedoll I've been searching for years!  It's finally mine!  When it came out, I didn't have the money to buy it and I was so upset because it's stupidly hard to find but I finally got one! It doesn't have a hang tag so I'm commissioning hawlucha for a custom one and I'm very excited about it!  Aaaa I'm just sooo happy this is one of my huge grails and I feel so satisfied knowing it's in my grasp.

These aren't all my beavers (I have the throw plush Bidoof and talking Bidoof as well) but I pretty much have everything I want so I can finally say my collection is complete unless I find something later on!!

Aww look at this lil guy! I love Sandile and the Jakks plush is sooo cute!

I recently got the Honedge line zukan on a whim (Kind of trying to make a Wikstrom Pokemon side collection [cough]) and I'm so glad I did, it's so detailed and it has both formes!

Couple of new kids....found a Sandshrew, Floatzel and Dialga!

And finally some Eeveelutions!  I love Zukan figures and both of these are no exception! Plus I got a Leafeon figure and a Flareon kid too.  I'm trying not to collect the Eeveelutions hardcore since I collect Sylveon but it's so hard...I can't resist!

Blurry phone pic but I put all my Raichus together to compare...look at how different they all are!  Speaking of Raichu, I have another VERY IMPORTANT GRAIL coming my way in the near future!!!!!!

Thanks for looking! <3
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