DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tomy Wants

I've almost completed catching all my hoenn tomys! I need to update my wants list and begin working on Sinnoh! I've aquired a bunch from Sinnoh from GA's so I need to figure out which ones I'm missing! Hopefully, in 2 days time I'll be a full on Registered Nurse! Wish me luck/Pray for me/Send passing vibes my way! But this is what I need as Far as Hoenn is concerned!

279 Pelipper*replacement*
281 Kirlia*replacement*
319 Sharpedo
333 Swablu
342 Crawdaunt
351 Castform
386 Deoxys Attack Form
386 Deoxys Speed Form

Thanks for looking you guys! I've been hiding out in my hole studying, but I look forward to my FIRST Custom Plush coming in the Mail! I CANNOT wait to show it to you guys! Love you all! <3 It's evening here so it's morning somewhere! Have a great day! :D
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