mokeymokey (kiohl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection and updated sales

These pics are a bit out of date now, but mainly I'm just missing juumou's package stuffs. :3

It's a great feeling to come home and see this. :3

Plush!! <3 And the last zukan I was very seriously seeking!!

SMJ overpacks. See that box? It held one zukan. The tiny little thing right in front of the box. o_______o


This is getting really cluttered.

What's missing: Skymin friends and Skymin kids, Turtwig zukan, some awesome cute sketches. :3

There would have been a cute Cyndaquil suction cup figure and a Typhlosion figure as well, but... actually the dogs got to the package before I did. ;_; Both of them were in pieces on the floor... I was lucky that the Skymin got away unharmed! (though their boxes weren't so lucky)

Also, I've moved my sales to a more permanent place, and updated with kids and reduced prices! :)

(Yet another sales post, sorry!)
Tags: collection, sales
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