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Mirage auction! Metal swing auction! Massive sales! & a little collection update

Hello community! Today I have a biiiig sales post that contains mostly figures, plush, and other toys! Surprising, I know - I'm sure many of you are aware that I've only really been making flat sales for a long time now, but all of my non-flats have been stashed away in storage up until now and are finally available for purchase (along with a few new lots)! Below the cut you'll find metal figures, metal swing keychains, plush, TOMYs, and other miscellenaneous figures/vintage toys. I even have some rare Slowpoke and Mime Jr. line items up for grabs from weeding out my collection!

Standard community rules apply for all buyers.

Shipping starts at $4.50 to the US for smaller figures and $8.50 international - insurance and tracking are extra. Receipt can be provided upon request, but I am not responsible for lost packages.

If you are worried about damage in the mail, please request a box; this is not necessarily a rule, but a precaution for delicate items like in-case figures. If you don't specify, I will assume you are okay with a bubble mailer, but will try and protect the item(s) as best as I can.

Haggling within reason is only allowed for items labeled "OBO" but is otherwise not accepted at this time.

I am open to flexible holds and payment plans if discussed and agreed upon ahead of time.

Committed buyers have priority over quotes.

Please do not back out of a sale (appropriate feedback will be left); know the difference between a commitment and a quote before leaving a comment.

If you are only committed to specific items, make sure to specify a conditional commitment (ex: "I only want everything if X and Y are available"); otherwise, I will assume that your commitment still stands for the remaining items.

Any questions about item specifics, just ask.

Here's a small preview of what's in store!

I have a very rare mirage plush that is up for auction that I'd like to showcase!

Along with many rare second gen metal swing keychains, and more things up for offer.. so let's start with AUCTIONS!

Here are the auction rules!

Standard, non-sniping community rules apply.

Please bid in increments of $1 (up to $100), and in increments of $5 if the auctioned item is at $100 or more.

To ensure bids are placed correctly, please respond to the current high bidder.

Auctioned items will end on Thursday, October 23rd at 10pm PST! Countdown timer is here for reference.

I have a beautiful Raikou mirage plush up for offers today! He is made from soft, vibrant, short-pile velvety fabric with pleather and felt detailing. He has a suction cup attached to him, like many mirages, and is in really amazing shape.

Please start him off at $125!

Next are some metal swing keychains, including a couple that I have never seen for sale before!

Suicune: Starts at $20!
Sleepy Pichu/Pikachu: Starts at $15!
Jolteon is straight sale for $25!

Houndoom: $50!
Girafarig: $20!

Rare clear figures!

Weavile (clear): Starts at $10!
Weavile (yellow): Starts at $10!
Jirachi (peach, dark orange): $8 each

Phanpy: Starts at $6!

Bonsly: Starts at $3!
Marill: Starts at $8!

I also have this rare, purple velvet Mew marble bag up for offer! It came with several hard-to-find second gen marbles which are super uncommon compared the standard first gen marbles we are all very familiar with.


Everything below is available for straight sale! If you are currently participating in the auctioned items, I would be more than happy to hold your order until the auction end date. :)

Collection Weeding

Slowpoke lot $55 for everything (before shipping)! Individual prices listed.

Adorable Slowking bell plush by f4y3: $20
Slowpoke chibi figure: $3.50
Various Slowpoke line flats, mini booklet & charm: $1-$3 each
Slowpoke "Squish" Figure: $30 OBO

(Another picture of Slowsquish here)

Pokemon Time Notepad: $16
Slowking Fuzzy TOMY Plush: $18
Slowpoke "Pokemon 2000" Pin: $10

Borrowing an image here, but I also have a Slowpoke pokedoll up for sale! (Except mine is MWT)

He is $40 + ship or $35 if you purchase the lot. :)

I also decided to collect Mr. Mime a while back, but really need to downsize - I have some very rare metal figures and in-case figures up for grabs. Also a strap.

Green Mr. Mime metal figure: $22
Copper Mr. Mime metal figure: $15
Mr. Mime in-case figures: $7 each

Mime Jr. Strap: $18 OBO

Metal Swing Keychains!

Pupitar, Chinchou, Bayleef, Piloswine, Phanpy, Spinarak, Unown: $12 each
Scizor, Steelix, Totodile, Quilfish: $8 each
Hitmontop, Heracross, Forretress, Smoochum: $6 each
Ledian, Delibird: $4 each

Zubat, Wigglytuff, Fearow, Snorlax: $5 each
Dugtrio, Snubbull, Goldeen: $3.50 each
Magneton, Magnemite, Kingler: $3 each
Clefairy, Horsea, Doduo, Seel, Elekid: $2 each

Pikachu: $3.50
Wobbuffet: $2.50

MPC Plush

Audino, Dewott: $5.50 each
Basculin, Alomomola: $4 each
Foongus is sold.

Assorted plush
All in good to excellent shape!

HootHoot, Totodile: $8 each
Togepi, Togepi egg, Pikachu on Pokeball, Jigglypuff, Snubbull plush: $4 each
Clefairy Taffeta Plush: $10 OBO
Ekans is sold.

Some of these plush have a bit of wear (piling), but others are in good shape and are on clearance!

Everything is $2!
Blissey and Smeargle are sold.


Bayleef, Marill: $14 each
Lugia is sold.

Heracross Zukan (didn't come with pegs): $8
Suicune clear figure: $5 [On hold for stalkingsuicune]
Cute Pikachu and Togepi Clear Christmas Figure Set: $5

Slowpoke, Eevee, Larvitar, Mew, Charizard figures, Quagsire cartridge: $2.50 each
Raichu is sold.

Clear Dragonite: $3.50
The rest are sold.

Mareep, Lapras, Haunter, Marill figures: $4 each
Snorlax, Phanpy: $3.50 each

Oddish, Munchlax, Poliwhirl, Wynaut, Pikachu figures: $1.50 each

Heatran TOMY: $4
Heatran Kid: $2
Rayquaza Kid: $3
Ho-Oh is sold.

Pikachu FCS: $1.50
Articuno (clear green): $2.50
Clear Moltres, Clear Articuno FCS: $3.50 each

Assorted figures!
Ambipom chou, Kyogre, Torchic, and Minun straps: $3.50 each
Torchic rumble figure: $4.50
Deoxys strap & Clefairy dome figure: $2 each
Sceptile and Ivysaur straps are sold.

Blastoise TOMY in box: $8
The rest are sold.

Bath figures!
Elekid soft squish figure: $2.50
Wailmer and Minun are sold.

Chibi Stampers

Articuno, Farfetch'd: $3 each
Dragonite, Surfing Pikachu and Nidorino are sold.

Tentacruel (pink), Tentacruel (green), Tangela (pink), Tangela (green), Muk, Koffing: $2.50 each
Rhyhorn, Sandslash, Omanyte (green), Omanyte (blue): $1.50 each
Scyther, Drowzee, Ekans: $3 each
Venomoth, Magmar (pink), Pinsir: $1.50 each
Voltorb, Dugtrio and NIdoqueen are sold.

Machop, Machamp (blue), Machamp (green), Psyduck (blue), Psyduck (green), Psyduck (pink), Jigglypuff: $1.50 each
Geodude, Hitmonlee, Magmar (green), Golem (pink), Golem (green), Marowak, Spearow: $1.50 each

Clear Figures

Celebi (peach), Celebi (blue), Celebi (orange): $10 each
Skitty: $8

Mime Jr: $8 each

MInun and Plusle: $8 each

Combusken (pink), Combusken (yellow): $4.50 each
Wynauts are sold.

Munchlax: $6 each

Pikachu, Clefairy (yellow), Clefairy (green): $2.50 each
Jigglypuff is sold.

Puracoro Dice

Yellow Puracoro Dice Case: $4.50
Purple case is sold.

Eevee (winking), Eevee (determined), Lapras: $6 each
Charmeleon (mouth closed), Charmeleon (mouth open): $3 each
Charizard, Shellder: $4 each
Abra (spoon), Abra (sitting), Clefairy Doll: $4 each
Clefairy (light pink, hand up), Clefairy (light pink, hands at sides), Squirtle (one hand up), Squirtle (arms down), Squirtle (both arms up): $2 each
Snorlax (yawning, arms at side, arms up): $4 each
Ditto (straight mouth, smiling, squiggly smile): $5.50 each
Scyther (left arm in front, both arms out, right arm in front): $3.50 each

Snorlax: $4.50
Squirtles: $2.50 each
Abra (mouth closed), Abra (mouth open), Abra (green): $4 each
Clefairy (pink, hand up), Clefairy (pink, hands at side), Clefairy (orange, hands at side), Clefairy (orange, hand up), Clefairy (green): $1.50 each

Mini Pikas: $1.50 each
Angrychu, Surfingchu: $2.50 each
Chanseys: $2.50 each

Eevee figure (has minor wear as pictured): $4
Glaceon TOMY: $5

Umbreon TOMY Keychain: $25 OBO
Umbreon TOMY: $5
Espeon TOMY (left), Espeon TOMY (right): $4.50 each

Metal Figures 

Keshimon - $3.50 each! Choose from Onix, Pidgeot, Wartortle, Chansey, Clefairy, Cleffa, and Voltorb.

Regirock: $5
Pikachu (top row), Pikachu pendant (bottom row): $2.50 each
Alomomola: $3.50
Machamp: $2

Pikachu, Lickitung, Caterpie, Kakuna: $2.50 each
Magnemite, Pinsir, Venomoth, Machoke, Geodude: $2 each

Regirock: $5
Pikachu, Pignite: $2.50 each
Magnemite, Machoke, Machamp: $2 each

Lickilicky, Butterfree: $3.50 each
Togepi, Golbat, PIkachu (top row): $2.50 each
Venomoth, Porygon, Starmie, Marowak, Magnemite: $2 each
Chansey, Machop, Pikachu (bottom row), Jigglypuff: $1.50 each

Caterpie, Ledyba: $3.50 each
Starmie, Lickitung, Pikachus (let's say A, B, and C), Magnemite, Marowak: $2 each
Jigglypuff, Machoke, Venomoth, Geodude: $1.50 each

Darkrai: $18 OBO
Buneary: $4
Pikachu, Pinsir, Weezing, Machoke, Magnemite, Venomoth (left), Venomoth (right): $2 each

Togepi: $5 each
Pikachu, Sandshrew: $1.50 each
Abra, Slowbro and Raticate are sold.

Rapidash: $5
Staryu, Pikas, Clefairy (top row), Kakuna: $3.50 each
Geodude, Clefairy (bottom row), Machamp, Jigglypuff: $2.50 each

Dodrio, Drowzee: $7 each
Machamp, Pikachu: $2 each
The rest are sold.

Light yellow Pika, Poliwhirl, (brighter red) Sandshrew: $1.50 each!
The rest are sold.

In-Case Figures

Drowzees, Alakazam (only blue base is available), Arboks: $3.50 each
Nidoran, Dratini, Gengars: $4.50 each

Ponytas: $4 each
Horseas, Seadra, Golbats: $3 each
Poliwags, Poliwraths: $2.50 each

Tauros, Hitmonchan: $2.50 each
PIdgeot, Starmie: $3.50 each
Doduos, Charmeleon, Beedrill: $3 each

Weedle, Magnemite, Diglett (only green base is available): $2.50 each
Pinsirs, Victreebel, Seel: $2 each
Golducks, Tentacool, Porygons: $3 each

Pikas, Togepi, Clefairy, Clefable: $1.50 each

Graveler, Pikachu, Machoke, Machamp: $1.50 each

Figure Lot! Contains various random figures, including FCS figures, mini models, rubber figures, etc. $12 for all + shipping.

Non Figures & Misc.

Mini bead figures! I think you're supposed to make little bracelets with these.
Mew: $8
Marill: $6
Chikorita: $3.50
Flowers, Togepi, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, PIkachus: $2 each

Marill, HootHoot, Wooper: $7 each
Pikachu, Togepi: $2.50 each

Eeveelution Chopsticks! $16 each. Choose from: Eeveelutions, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon.

These second generation roller things dispense a colorful film of pokemon print!

HootHoot, Marill (yellow, orange, pink): $6 each
Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita: $3.50 each
Sentret, Blissey: $4 each

Pikas (pink, green, blue), Pichu, Elekid, Togepi: $2 each
Snubbull, Igglybuff: $3 each

Plastic cups!

Mew: $12
Charmander, Pikachu, Togepi: $3 each

Mew/Mewtwo Cup: $15 OBO
Pikachu/Togepi Cup: $3.50

Sylveon/Eevee/Pikachu Towel: $18 OBO

Grape candy tin! $8
Orange and Apple tins are sold.

Mew: $25 OBO
Groudon: $15 OBO
Munchlax (large grabber) & Minun: $8 each OBO
Squirtle, Pichu: $5 each
Meowth: $5
Munchlax small pez dispenser sold.

Pokemon Time Yellow Pencil: $14
Sentret Tail Pen: $18
Slowpoke Tail Pen: $18

Rare gen 2 Marill, Ledyba, Cyndaquil marbles: $5 each
Articuno Marble: $2
Alakazam, Nidoqueen, Persian, Ponyta marbles: $1 each

Metal stamps that clip!
Haunter: $6
Starmie, Staryu, Pidgey: $3.50 each
Spearow, Weedle, Pikachu: $2 each

Natu, Xatu, Moltres, Gloom, Gengar metal coins: $2.50 each
Pikachu, Flabebe, Fennekin charms: $2.50 each
Landorus charm, Ferrothorn & Sawk sprite charms: $3 each

Vulpix chip: $4
Mr. Mime pog: $1.50
Meowth, Bulbasaur metal keychains: $3.50 each
Venusaur coin: $3
Pokemon 2000 Pikachu & Dugtrio coins: $1.50 each

Celebi Necklace, Braixen charm: $3 each
Pikachu charm: $1
Starters charm: $2.50

Pokeball Dispensers: $1.50 or free with purchases over $20!
Blue and pink dispensers are sold.

Elesa card sleeves: $35 OBO

Japanese binder with assorted cards (rares included, and shining Mew): $35 OBO.

Cute Poliwag CD & Coloring book (has more than just the example page shown above): $12 OBO

That's it for the sales - I'm hoping to make a small update soon as soon as I set up my collection at my new place (possible weeding involved too). Thanks for reading, and on an unrelated (and late) note, I hope all my fellow Canadians had a wonderful thanksgiving & extra day off this past weekend!
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