Megan Fleming (megguendo) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Megan Fleming

Once more

I know I posted a collection update like... a week or two ago but I re-organized my dresser and it looks a lot better I think, plus there's a few new things.

I stuck my bell plush from the contest in there because I forgot last time. My dad's cat absconded with my Illumise though and all I ever found of her were her wings and a leg. I miss her but I'm too lazy to make another =<

Now for closer views of the noobs. First off here's my Jakks Burmy plush, courtosey of Wal-Mart.

Armaldo Zukan from miss_fuu_chan.

Shiftry Zukan from <"lj user= "pacificpikachu">...

..and Pachi Pokedoll from her too. =D

That's it for now~
Tags: collection
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