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Every Pokemon of the rainbow commissions

SO GUYS I just bought the rad-est multicolour paper pad ever, and I thought it would be so fun to make some Pokemon cut-outs from it, rather than my usual brown paper :'D

I made some gifts to start for fizzycat, pupstergirl, tyltalis I'll MAIL 'EM OUT GUYS hope you like them!
These photos do them no justice it was so difficult UwU

Ofc the Noibat is mine ;D

Click below if you're interested in a little commission!

20141015_181855 (1)

20141015_181855 (1)

I ship from the UK to Worldwide
My feedback is HERE
I was granted sales permission years ago

Commissions will be complete within 3 days and mailed Monday 20th.
They will be well protected in shipping
The size is roughly a TCG card size

Any Pokemon $4 each with $1 shipping or
Two Pokemon for $7 with free shipping.
If you'd want more than 2 I would do a totally rad deal <3

Any questions or anything just throw me a comment! :D
Thanks guys~

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