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Collection update!

I've been meaning to make an update for months! But I kept coming across more stuff and then I had to wait for one thing to get here, then I'd find something ELSE.. ah, the neverending circle of collecting. But my HappyJolteon package arrived today, containing the last of my recent Vulpix buys! :D

To start off..

Before PKMNCollectors!

AFTER PKMNCOLLECTORS: EXPLOSION. In-case figure, keshipoke, bank, clip, and flamethrower Vulpix from happyjolteon ! So many awesome Vulpixes from her, ahhh <3 And I've finally got a TOMY Vulpix, thanks to vulpixlover ! :D I'd consider that thing a mini-grail almost, since I've wanted it for years, but it's so hard to find a non-bootleg version xD Hard to tell sometimes too, since the paint job isn't the best.. Still, I love it~ And friends plush, block, neat figure-mug-thing, and all Vulpix kids from Y!J :D

I must ramble some more! See that cool guy hidden in the corner, by big Tomy Vulpix and Bank Vulpix? That is Incredible Mexican-American-Japanese-American Electronic Vulpix! History: Around 2000, I stumbled upon a small picture of this toy on a Pokemon site. I wanted it, but I couldn't find ANY INFO AT ALL on it. Until around July, when vulpixlover found it on a foreign eBay site! I spazzed, and with the help of denkimouse and meowthcollector we were able to get some rare new items for our collections :D Vulpix lived in Mexico, flew to the US, took a trip to Japan, and finally arrived back in Ohio, where he will live forever after <3 .. I have yet to get him some batteries so I can see if he works. XD

And also from Y!J..


".. w-what do you mean i won't fit ;-;"

It's okay, big Vulpix. You're too fat big to fit on the Vulpix shelf, so you get to chill out on a pillow on the bed. Yay!

Chillaxin' with friends plush! akfjldfglkajdf giant vulpix plush is my favorite ever ahhh. ilu bigpix ;-; So big and full of stuffing and weird tails and SOFT HAIR and the cutest face. <33

Spoilers: Bigpix has a SECRET BELLY POUCH.

... ffff, yesterday I was showing bigpix bellypouch off to my boyfriend, and I stuck Knuckles in there. I said I'd probably forget he was in there. I DID. Hi, kubrick Knuckles. GET OUT OF THE BELLY POUCH NOW. (Belly pouch is supposed to hold a little bag you can warm up in the microwave I believe, so Vulpix really does have an internal flame keeping it warm <3)

CUTEST FACE AHHHH look at that little nose. <3

.. and a small non-Vulpix update. Here are some cool things I've received in the past few weeks :D

Zukans! :D And CELEBI POKEDOLL. A friend bought me one a year or two ago, but it ended up getting lost in the mail, along with some other things. ;___; So I'm happy to get another, and with tags still intact! Thank you, HappyJolteon! :D Also, regarding speed Deoxys zukan - I'm not sure I like him as much as I thought I would. XD I may consider selling him, so if interested, contact me!

That's it for the collection updates, but I've still got a few sales post items up, if you'd like to take a look~ Thank you! :3
Tags: celebi, collection, plush, sales, vulpix
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