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Munchlax and Tyranitars!!!

Hello again everyone....

This weeks there seems to be a lack of mail coming my way </3>first off, my friend recently bought a Munchlax plush, who is around 11 inch, but is not from the line of 12inch bootlegs, and i am curious to know if anyone knows the origins of this plush as i was interested in getting one if it wasnt a friend is curious also..
The plush was purchased from Game Stop on the gold coast, The tush tag is unlike the 12inch bootleg series, and i could not find a similar plush on the plush project site...hes dated 2011... No hang tag was with him...I am really curious about this guy... Original price is $30 but they are on sale for $10...

Any one have any idea?</s>

cut wouldnt work images removed

Anddd moving on to my wants!!

Which i am very keep to get my hands on if anyone has one or knows someone selling...I am only focusing on my Tyranitar line at the moment!!

Highest priority thingies
-Tyranitar Thinkchip+ Figure, Happy to pay upto $100 if a payment plan or hold is postage
-Tyranitar Chupa Figure.... Not sure on his value but i would really like to add him to my collection
-Larvitar PlushPlush and Smiling UFO, mint is not essentual but would prefer to be good condition.. will take on damaged or loved ones for cheap!!
-T-tar Heartlands of course.. but would have to suit a payment plan as i dont have the spare 6k atm.
-Nakayoshi Mascot Larvitar

Secondary priority
- T-tar Spinning top.... i have only ever seen one... info on it would be nice if anyone knows?
-Game stop promos (cutouts ect)
-2002 Mcdonalds larvitar without the grumble box.
-4th movie promo figures
-Museum figure set

Last priority
-Clear kid set

Id also love to hear about other items you may know of that i dont? and see picks of your T-Tars....ill post some pictures of some of the items under a cut.

If these are your photos, please let me know so i can take them down :D
Tags: larvitar, pupitar, tyranitar, wants
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