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Introducing you my plushies collection!

Hi there!
I haven't post anything about my collection yet so I'll start with my plushie collection <3
I've been a pokemon fan since I was child but I started collecting stuff three years ago. My collection is increasing every month (I buy them usually at manga's expos or events like that but I buy them on internet too.) I prefer big sized plushies so the most of them are big(That's a huge problem because I haven't got any more space xD) so here we are:
Poochyena is the latest that I get at Madrid's expomanga (I'm from Spain) (I went with my Ho-Oh gijinka, I'm a Pokemon cosplayer too, but that is another history(???)
I really love that Lapras plush, it's soft and cute! I love that Piplup plush too, bought it from a Japanese Pokemon collector and It came with a magnemite figure.
Victini plush is the biggest one. It's around 40 centimetres, and it was so cheap too! 30 euros, around 38$ (Probably is because it is fake)
And here is my tiny pokemon plushies! I prefer the others but they look so cute too and I can't resist to buy them <3
Hoothoot plush isn't a real plush. It is made by a friend that I met on twitter (I've got a Pokemon twitter account, if you are interested in that account just say it and I'll give you my nickname!) and he gave me that Hoothoot (I gave him a drawing of his favourite Pokemon /o/) isn't it cute?

Hope you like it! I will post more pics in other entries (I've got a lot of Pokemon stuff)
Have a nice day!
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