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deerling sales!

Hello all. Some of you may remember me as the Marill loving collector. A lot of you probably have no idea who I am because I'm not active like I used to be. I lurk a bit but don't post much. Today I come bearing sales of a cute little deer type Pokemon. I used to collect Deerling a lot but recently got new shelves for my collections and decided to cut out some of the little deers. I am the type that wants every Deerling of every color for eeeverrryything and it's just too much! So I kept my absolute favorite items and now have a good bunch of things to sell! Check it out under the cut!!!

~ I ship from Canada. Shipping is $8.50 and up to US and more for international/within Canada. Ask me for quotes!
~ I am not responsible for the item once it's passed over to the post office
~ I can't ship items until the money transfer from paypal. I'll you know when I ship!
~ Paypal only
~ I received sales permission in December 2010
~ Feedback here

Deerling musical plush - $35
She is in great shape!
Additional pic - Addtional pic 2

Deerling straps - $40 for all four seasons
Additional pic - Additional pic 2

Deerling lot - $75
I'd rather not break this lot up... it'd cost so much to ship everything individually. Only problem with any item is the Grass Type focus zip bag has a bit of a crease in it
Here's pictures of all the included items:
Additiona pic 1 - Additional pic 2 - Additional pic 3 - Additional pic 4

Random non-deerling lot (3 jakks, 2 mcdonalds toys, 18 kids) - $15
Some of the kids have marks. They would be great for repainting!
Additional pic 1 - Additional pic 2 - Additional pic 3 - Additional pic 4

And that is that! Feel free to ask any questions and thanks so much for looking. I'll be doing a collection update in the near future since my entire collection appearance has changed recently (went from bookshelves to wall shelves). Look out for it if you like Marills! :3
Tags: charms, deerling, kids, plush, sales, stamps
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