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Time for some Gets! Check it out!

Hi guys! Most of you probably don't know me because I've been lurking around most of the time. Maybe you've seen me comment on your posts or bid in a GA. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to talk to me! Reintroduction: My name is Hannah, and I like Pokemon! (Doesn't everyone on this community?) Well that intro sucked. I really should post more often...Haha! Here are the things I got over the past three months.

So many gets! 500

First up, would be the beautiful perler sprites I've received from latias_latios_7 ! They look amazing up on my bedroom wall. She did a great job! The bottom left corner are the ones for my other friend. She agreed to make me a Chesnaught and a Rayquaza for these two little kids who come to my family restaurant. Those were their favourite Pokemon and I wanted to give them a surprise for Halloween (with some candy of course). Rachel got them shipped in time too! I love you ^_^ The kids will love you too! The sprites on the top are the ones I got from her during her April sales.

Next, we have some cookie tins from Asakura-Japan. Sorry I ate all the cookies before taking a picture. (well I gave some away) They were nicely wrapped though! The Pikachu airport tin also included a pin! Beside the tins was another bag of lollipops. They were on sale, possibly because they were to expire at the end of October. They were still yummy and again I gave some to my friend (I'm so generous ^.^ sometimes...). I've bought a bag of lollipops previously and I loved the packaging. I also purchased the Little Tales teapot and teacup set. The box it came in was similar to a shoe box, but smaller and more beautiful O_O! Asakura-Japan also had a promotion where if you purchased over $50 you would receive a free Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist charm set. That was nice of them!


Pokemon teaset


Then came the cute plush! I finally got a laying Eevee from samisales Haha I stole this picture off my Instagram. Unfortunately, the original Eevee she sent out was lost in the mail. She was so nice, she offered to send me her second laying Eevee plush. She told me it was free of charge and that she was weeding her collection anyways. That was the nicest thing ever! I was so happy! I'm still looking out for the original Eevee just in case it decides to arrive at my door. If so, I'll be returning it back to her. Hopefully it does come back. Beside Eevee, there's the Skitty Pokedoll I've always wanted. I made a wants post and the wonderful sleepypikachu sold me hers. Thanks I love her!


Now, on to FOOOD! FEAST YOUR EYES! Candy, Candy, Candy, Noodles, Candy. Great Diet. Hope you don't have a hungry stomach.


So, most of the food items I got are from Oyatsucafe. Thanks to classypersian who made a post months ago about Oyatsucafe, and how she got us an awesome promo code that still works today. I believe the code is "PKMNCOLLECTORS" and you get 10% off your purchase. THANKS SO MUCH! You may not know it, but I've been so thankful because I have bought treats multiple times! Plus I am a subscriber to their monthly box now hoping for Pokemon snacks each month. :P

Below is my favourite candy so far. The consistency is similar to taffy and in each bite there's an explosion of tropical pineapple. ^.^
So in love!


The soda sticks and gummies I purchased on Ebay from a seller named 39mikumiku39. The first time, I purchased 2 gummies and 2 boxes of sticks. She was so sweet and gave me two free packages of the Pineapple taffy! What a surprise! I just ran out too! Second time I needed more and bought one bag of gummies and one box of soda sticks again. ^O^ I didn't have a seperate picture for the gummies sorry, but you could mix different flavours into one flavour. The sticks were also nicely packaged. Each bag in the box 2 sticks. The purple bags were grape and the green were melon. On the back of some packets, there were games too.

On the right, are some more wrappers from the Pineapple candy. They were suppose to be wrapped around your finger as finger puppets, that you would use to fight with your friends. :3


Below are some packages of gum also from Oyatsucafe. I think they were soda flavoured. They were okay, nothing special when it came to taste. What I loved most were the wrappers with the screenshots from Pokemon-Amie. So cute!


Woww! What a sight! Pokemon Instant noodles! One was a spicy flavour while the other one was seafood. It makes sense that Froakie would be in the seafood noodle, but shouldn't they put Fennekin for the spicy flavour. Maybe Chespin was green and contrasted the colour of the red spicy broth...I don't know. They were kid sized or snack size. Generally in my opinion, they were a bit on the salty side, but I guess most instant noodles are like that. The flavour was not bad though! I enjoyed eating the Pikachus, Chespins and Froakies. >:) Hungry for Pokemon Muahaha.

Pokemon Noodles

Also, some hard candies. The red ones were cola flavoured and the purple ones were grape. Tasted pretty good :)! Finally, on the right is a Pokemon Petit backpack (L). Got it from one of allinia 's pickups. Came very quickly, double bagged in Pokemon center bags. I still haven't used it yet. It's so pretty I don't want it to get dirty or possibly rip it.


Finally you've reached the end! Thanks for reading my post! Hope you didn't get too hungry!
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