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M-Blaziken plamo review + collection update!

I talk about my Hawluchas a lot, but I haven't had a chance to talk about my Blaziken much lately... so I thought I'd make a nice review of one of the most interesting (Mega) Blaziken figures so far!


PlaMo is short for Plastic Model. Following more model oriented series like Gundam, Pokémon recently started producing PlaMos too. They're of course more simplified than big anime robots, but they're still nice nonetheless. Mega Blaziken is the first one I seriously built myself (no other sets had really caught my eye before... but I might want to pick up some later because this one was so much fun to work on), so I'm mostly a newbie at this. But exactly BECAUSE I'm a newbie, I thought I'd share my experience from a "not expert" point of view.

First of all, the set is VERY easy to assemble. The pieces can be snapped out of their sprue rather easily, and don't require MUCH sanding. Most pieces didn't really require sanding at all. They all fit perfectly with each other, so this makes the set perfect for everyone, right?


Building this baby, I really had the feeling whoever designed this kit either hated kids and not artistically-abled people, or was a sadist loving to see them struggle.
The set's shape is GREAT - but so much, oh SO MUCH of it is STICKERS.

Stickers aren't supposed to be big deals, I guess. Decals for the eyes, and claws maybe, were to be expected. It's a bit less obvious why huge areas of the legs, flames, wings, HANDS and so on, would need to be made out of stickers.

My hand doesn't luckily shake too much, and thousand hours spent drawing has made me quite precise, so putting the stickers in place wasn't too hard of a task for me. I used a blunt plastic object (in my case, the back of a pen, but any similar thing could be used) to gently press down stickers' edges and make them adhere better. But I still messed up, and usually only realized the stickers were off by half a millimeter when it was too late to fix. Removing the sticker would have only damaged it.
I can ONLY imagine what a mess a poor kid who cares about details but has fat shaky hands (ME WHEN I WAS LITTLE!!) would do trying to put these stickers in the right places.

But...! You'll ask. Why don't you just leave the stickers out! or just repaint the kit?
First option is a no no. Unless you like the look of unfinished figures, this model NEEDS its details. The legs would be completely back, the face would have no eye, and the inner part of the wings would just be HOLLOW. You read it right, under the sticker that covers up the inner side of the wings there is NOTHING BUT AN EMPTY SPACE.

Painting it would DEFINITELY and ultimately be the best option. If you feel like you are able to do it, GO DO IT RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for.
However, not everyone can paint, and the right materials to do so can be expensive. Unless you plan on building a LOT of models (in which case you probably wouldn't worry about my review anyway), it's probably not worth buying dozens of dollars worth of paint, paintbrushes and putty filler for a 700 yen kit.

At the same time, this would be an ideal kit to LEARN how to do such things! Not too pricey, not too hard to build, super fun to pose afterwards; just pick it up, fill up the wings with putty, and paint this baby!
I didn't feel like exploring all new techniques so I just applied the stickers and shared the results with you all. But I might get a second one in future to try and paint it like Arceus commands!

With the review out of the way, a regular collection update.

One more (Mega) Blaziken addition was FINALLY! this chocolate egg figure. I was so excited to learn she'd be the secret rare of the set, and was ready to get dozen of eggs if necessary to get her. Luckily other people in the community did it instead and sold their leftovers. Mine is from caddieneko, and since we can NEVER HAVE GOOD THINGS it took almost six weeks to get here from Japan. What! I was so scared it had been lost forever but here it is. Not the most exciting of poses nor sizes, but the minimum assembly required and the fact it reminds me of childhood Kinder Egg surprises, makes it special and an awesome addition to my collection.

Now for my namesake!

Hawlucha isn't really getting many figures or plush, so I go for flat items. This one is very interesting, as it's sparkly and apparently comes from Pokémon instant ramen noodles! It's a decently sized sticker too!

Speaking of decently sized stickers, this one is HUGE! It has my two favorite Kalos birds with hawlucha taking up most of it. You go baby B)

This is a poster. It and the sticker before were generously offered to me by hebilea. Thank you so much!! I can't wait to find a frame for such a happy colorful scene, rare representation of a smiling Hawlucha!

I'm sure this is supposed to be a buildable card deck holder, but it takes up way less space like this. It features one of my favorite Rising Fist themed artworks, where not only Hawlucha, but Blaziken as well look fierce and amazing! I can never have enough of items featuring this picture, so if you know of any that do and I don't own, please let me know!!

With my recent gets, I've also received extra stuff (mostly Mega Lucario) that I don't need and so are in my SALES POST. Feel free to check it out!

And as always, a WANT LIST plug. Thanks for reading!
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