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Y!J Question

Hello and Good Evening/Morning!

So I have a somewhat weird question to ask.

'v')-Has anyone ever used a deputy servie to pre-order/pre-buy something from Yahoo Japan?

I was wondering what other people do when they find certain items listed on Y!J for pre-order. For example, items such as ones that are only released for expos (can't think of a Pokemon example), specific locations (Sylveon Namco Kid) or PokeCen lotteries/exclusives (Eevee 3DS XL). Sometimes it's best to wait until its released, but in some cases a pre-order listing can be better.

The reason why I ask is because I found something similar to these examples for pre-order while browsing. It's a little strange since it's an item that's set for a short lived promo. I kinda want to pre-order it, but I'm a little hesitant.

I don't really make a habit of pre-ordering from auction sites. I have from ebay and once with a deputy from and Y!J. So far, I haven't had any worries since the release date was less than two weeks. But you never know.

So, I'm a little curious to how someone else's experience was with a Y!J pre-order.

Thank you in advance ^w^

edit: Sorry the formatting looked really wonky >.<
edit 2: Don't know what happened. Looks like it's all fixed now.
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