dannymatellan (dannymatellan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Intro to community :)

Hola fellow poke fans, and future friends :), my name is Danny Matellan and I'm just starting out my collection of Pokemon stuff here and wanted to join in with you all in the fun and make a few buds here and there! As far as Pokemon go I am a major water fan everyone from squirtle, glaceon, oshawott, lapras, I love em all basically and a few of the normals too don't get me wrong. I hope to get along with everyone and become part of our community soon!! If there are a few poke collectors out there with zukans and want to sell to me please hit me up I'm looking for a hoot hoot to add to my collection and the original 3 grass, water, and fire 1st gen zukans too. Alonce-see to you all (doctor who ref) jaja.
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