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Collection Housing Update!/Recent Gets/Looking for...?


So yeah, Poliwhirl and Venusaur Pokedoll! I've been planning on getting a plush of every member of my team in Pokemon Y. I've got a Sigilyph MPC coming in the mail, and now the only thing I'm missing is a Lucario and a Yveltal.

They seem to be getting along quite nicely. (Also I've been obsessed with Sleepy Hollow on FOX. Who knew Ichabod Crane was so manly, whoo.)

Good Friday to everyone!I haven't really posted anything other than buying things lately, so here's a little update.

I had so much empty wall space and was running out of room in my shelves... So..

My Absol shelf- They were fighting for space with my Pumpkaboo collection and I didn't even realize how many I had until i moved them. They're much more spaced out now!
The sweet Pumpkins got their own happy space- And I was able to hang the plush at the bottom, since, ya know.. they levitate.
(If anyone asks, I got the shelves at Target, and they were roughly $20 a piece.)

But in other news, I have some recent gets!

From left to right:
If anyone remembered my last post regarding Glacidea, you're probably wondering: "Wait, isn't that the wrong plush and not your own?" Yeah.. Except I ended up trading that and a few other items for a couple of Pokedolls from an older comm member. I figured that if my Ninetales came soon, she'd have a sister to be with. ; u;
The gold Keshimon and the bronze Vulpix came from the same member, and the Vulpix FCS was from haepsbrosonearth's auctions. :D The Pokebox tarot card came from chaos_521's (I think that's the number?) auctions, The Pumpkaboo from Crescent Moon Bakery (eeeee <3), and a mini-grail: A clear Ninetales kid! I'm so elated to finally have one in my collection! The teddy-bear jointed Absol plush came from kyogres' auctions, and it's so cute! :D The two smaller Absol figures and the MOVIE SPECIAL ABSOL KID (eeeee) also came from the user.

And looking for xzeeko: Has anyone heard from them at all? I sent a message a couple weeks back, and didn't get a response.
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