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Awesome new get ! Introduced with a photostory.

Hello everyone ! Today, I received something I tought I'd never own, thanks to the awesome fluna_daiyunel !

But... As I went to take my camera, the Sylveons plotted something in my back...

" Hello, fellow Sylveons. Thank you for attending this meeting. I have some good news and some bad news ! But today, we'll have to start with the good news. See, one of us was revealed today, a Pokemon Petit Sylveon ! "

*Cheers by the crowd*

" ... But it looks like she won't join us. I, as usual, sneaked the password of our owner's Ebay account and looked trough the watch list. I have the regret to announce you that we have a rival, from our own country, Japan ! "

" Here's our culprit ! The watch list was full of his video games and books ! It's becoming serious. He was popular a really long time ago, will never be as popular as us Sylveons, and wasn't really known outside of Japan... But I feel he's dangerous for us. Fia Fia, please, may you bring the marker and do your work ?

" Thank you very much. I really fear our owned is beginning to like this Goemon and his ugly blue hair more than us. And you know what that means ? That means... we may be sold. "


" Now, I want each of you to help to get rid of this imposter ! Fia Fia and I will wreck the auction for the plush which was distributed at the E3 in 2000 and I trust you about deleting the images and making our owner hate him ! Now, could somebody bring us our lunch ? I managed to locate some Pikachu candy corn and we could steal it. It's in the big, green Eevee box. You ! Near the second Kid figure ! Please. "

Uh oh. The candy corn is there. But...

The leader isn't going to like this.

I may continue this photostory in some of my post ! Keep track of them if you liked it !

So, I finally got the Banpresto Eevee laying plush ! It's so soft and so well-made, I spent half an hour looking at it and petting it. Thank you again, fluna_daiyunel !

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