Becky (cy4nide) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Attention padlock buyers and Marill fans ^_^

For those of us who wanted those lovely padlocks I posted about on Yahoo!Japan, as you may well know the lovely shiny_vulpix offered to get them for us and discovered that it was a buy it now and went ahead and got them ^_^

Bellossom: cy4nide Paid!
Hoothoot: rentorar
Pikachu: chibichimp Paid!
Snubbull: friskavk Paid!

I know you guys have already been contacted about this but this is just so I know where we are with all this and to get myself organised ^_^

Payment is $7.50 each and is to be made to shiny_vulpix at please, comment here if you've paid and I'll cross you off the list.

And lastly, if anyone wants to buy the Marill padlock please post here because it's still up for grabs! =D
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