Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

dinosaurs time!!

Hi everyone :D Long time no post! This is the Electric Pokemon Master and owner of the community and Sunyshore, Gin!!

After a long break from LJ I want to try to get back into the flow of posting my collection updates here (though I am still on a break from moderating for now). But I am pretty backed up on collection updates now so I'll go piece by piece. Hopefully I can catch up before the electric lions get their first merchandise since before B/W (five years I believe it's been?) and Manectric gets his first plush ever! (x)

Today I want to custom Heliolisk plushies!! Which I have been gathering bit by bit over the past XY filled year.

First up is my pride and joy. He's a poseable, frill-expandable, attacking Heliolisk plushie. He lives with my "big three" as the centerpiece of my entire collection. He has handpainted eyes with sparkly blue paint and even his toes are poseable!


With baby :D

Next up is his brother, this gigantic, floppy Helioptile (by the same artist). This plush is HEAVY and well over two feet long. So cuddly and floppy, and his ears can also open up! He also has hard, hand painted eyes and the cutest little paws and face <3

Next is a shiny DX Helioptile PokeDoll! My friend and I cut apart a regular one (aaaahh;;) and remade his pattern big-sized. I dyed this orangey minky myself, and ruined an event t-shirt in the process @_@ My friend did all the hard work of course, since I can't sew, but I feel a little pride :D

The same friend and I also worked on this plush together - again, as long as you count all the sewing work being done by her and me cutting pieces of fabric out an even amount of work - it's not :P But I did draw his face, and he is definitely my most angry plushie XD

This was actually my first Heliolisk plushie! He is quite huge and stands guard over the others in my collection room :D He is so big he was hard to photograph, but I tried. I love his face especially, and how big his frill is! He is made of a very unique cuddly fabric too.

Here is shiny Heliolisk!! Made for me by community member Lyndsay! His frill can also open and close and I love the pattern and his colors. He is a small guy though, I do have some that are small! XD

Finally, this one, it is hard to believe even is real!? How did they make him so chibi and round and perfect?! He was made by an artist on Etsy for me, and his charm point is certainly his teeny tiny frill!

I have a few other custom Heliolisk and Helioptile goodies, but we can stick to plush for now ;D I hope to next introduce my exploded Raichu collection (due to his THREE PROMOTIONS in 2014! what!!!!!!!!!!!!) and other new amazing official and custom items :D Thanks for reading!!

ANYWAY!! Sunyshore PokeMart has added ALL of the new promos, including Christmas, new Hoenn plushies, and new Pokemon Petits..........phew!!!! Along with a really cute custom made Shiny Eelektrik and Therian Thundurus plush I hope can find good new homes soon <3

Thanks to all who continue to Support Sunyshore PokeMart! Do you know in 2016 it will be our tenth anniversary?! Meaning the community is coming up on that too.......holy crap!!!!!!
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